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Home TechnoEcho: 5 Ways To Make Your HP Touch Screen Not Working Can Be Touched Again In 10 Minutes (Complete Tips)

TechnoEcho: 5 Ways To Make Your HP Touch Screen Not Working Can Be Touched Again In 10 Minutes (Complete Tips)

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Android Phone Touchscreen Not Working – How how to fix a cellphone touchscreen that doesn’t respond at all ? Here, fixing the touch screen on an Android phone that suddenly doesn’t work, the cause of the touch screen jumping off on its own and whether the flashing cellphone screen needs to be replaced with the LCD will be our discussion this time.

Therefore, for those of you who want to make the LCD screen on your Android phone or tablet return to normal, let’s look at the full review of 5 causes and how to fix a touch screen not working on an Android phone below.

And don’t miss the bonus tips on how to clean a touch screen that has lots of scratches or a cellphone screen that looks dull at the end of this article.

How to Overcome an Android HP Touchscreen That Doesn’t Work When Touched

5 Ways To Make The HP Touch Screen Not Function Can Be Touched Again In 10 Minutes (Complete Tips)

It is necessary for us to know that the touch screen of the Android cellphone that we have becomes not functioning, of course there are various factors causing it, including:

Causes of Touch Screen Not Working At All

1. Software Problem

Examples of damage to the Android cellphone software, for example:

  • Slow loading software/applications
  • An error occurred with the installed application
  • There is an error flashing ROM / Software / Android Firmware

2. Hardware Problem

While examples of damage to the Android cellphone hardware itself, for example:

  • Screen Guard / Protector interferes / blocks the Android cellphone Touch screen
  • LCD connector broken/loose
  • And it could be that the battery is leaking / bloated / damaged so that the voltage supplied to the cellphone is unstable

But actually the touch screen of an Android cellphone that doesn’t respond is not only from the reasons above. A dropped cellphone or using an Android smartphone to play online games for hours can also affect it.

Then do we need to replace the touch screen with a new LCD if indeed the android cellphone screen that we have really doesn’t respond to being touched again? For that, let’s just look at the tips TechnoEcho fix it as follows.

5 Ways to Fix Android Phone Touch Screen That Doesn’t Respond To Touch

1. Broken Touch Screen After Touching Water

5 Ways To Make The HP Touch Screen Not Function Can Be Touched Again In 10 Minutes (Complete Tips)

One of the reasons why the touch screen cannot be touched is that the android device has just been exposed or submerged in water. This of course can cause the electronic components in it to be damaged and so badly, the touch screen will be streaky and the cellphone screen will turn off suddenly and cannot be turned on.

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If you experience this incident, the way to overcome it is to insert the Android cellphone that is submerged in water into the grains of rice with the condition of the cellphone that has been turned off.

95% of cellphone users with touch screens say that this method is very effective for dealing with submerged Android phones. This is because rice can absorb water particles in the mobile device. If you want to know the complete steps, we have written everything in our article which discusses about How to Overcome an HP Touchscreen That Was Affected by Water.

2. HP Screen Doesn’t Respond After Falling

5 Ways To Make The HP Touch Screen Not Function Can Be Touched Again In 10 Minutes (Complete Tips)

Almost all android phone users have certainly dropped their smartphone from a high enough distance, whether intentionally or not. But what we need to do after that is checking.

If the Android touch screen screen becomes partially or completely untouchable, then try to look at the cellphone’s LCD. If the LCD screen is cracked, it could be because of the cellphone screen itself.

But if the touch screen is not cracked but can’t move then try to check android phone screen connector the. Loose socket after falling can be the cause of the Android touchscreen won’t move.

3. Android screen can’t be touched suddenly

5 Ways To Make The HP Touch Screen Not Function Can Be Touched Again In 10 Minutes (Complete Tips)

Not necessarily that the cellphone screen that doesn’t want to be moved is purely due to damage to the LCD touch screen of the cellphone. Why is that ?

If the conditions that occur when we are playing games or running several applications such as Facebook, Instagram, then try to check the RAM usage on your Android phone.

It is undeniable that if the RAM capacity we have is not too large, of course, using an Android cellphone for multitasking is the biggest problem. In addition, contamination dirty tempered glass hp can also cause the touch screen to not work properly.

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4. Touch Screen Android Phone Jump Jump Alone

5 Ways To Make The HP Touch Screen Not Function Can Be Touched Again In 10 Minutes (Complete Tips)

It’s a good idea to follow the guide on using an Android cellphone according to the existing manual book, namely using the cellphone’s default charger when the sedan is charging.

This often happens when we are charging suddenly the touch screen error, be it phone screen flickering or when touched even jump up and down on its own. The cause of the error on the Android cellphone touch screen is an inappropriate electric current because it doesn’t use the cellphone’s default charger.

Worse, the touch screen will shock if the android phone is touched while charging. Therefore, make it a habit to charge the cellphone using the original charger so that the touch screen does not experience the jump-jumping problem.

5. Inappropriate Touch Screen Reading

5 Ways To Make The HP Touch Screen Not Function Can Be Touched Again In 10 Minutes (Complete Tips)

And finally, the cause of a touch screen cellphone that can’t be touched is due to inappropriate sensor readings.

So if indeed the condition of the android phone has never had a problem and we always take care of it but still the cellphone screen does not respond then try to install the MultiTouch Tester application for free on the Playstore.

We can use this application to check whether the LCD touchscreen of an Android cellphone is damaged or not, the method is quite easy. We only need to stick five fingers (it could also be more depending on the android smartphone used) on the multi-touch application, if all are read then the sensor reading of your Android cellphone screen does not have a problem.

Bonus Tips !

For those of you who have been using a cellphone with a touch screen for a long time, of course you will see a lot of scratches or a cellphone screen that looks dull. Maybe changing the screen protector will fix the scratched touch screen.

Besides that, you can also take advantage of cracked cellphone wallpaper if you don’t have the funds to replace it.

However, if the scratches or dust come from inside the android phone screen itself, try cleaning it in the following way:

How to Clean Striped LCD Phone Touch Screen

  1. First, open the cellphone cashing on the off / off condition
  2. Then, rub gently and regularly on the screen on the damaged area with a cotton swab
  3. Then, if the streak is vertical, rub it gently from top to bottom
  4. If you form a circle, rub gently in a clockwise direction
  5. But if it is scratched to the side (horizontally), gently rub it left and right
  6. When rubbing, you need to apply a little pressure and see that the LCD will look like a sticky piece of adhesive
  7. Continue scrubbing for about 30 minutes. You need to be patient, because pressing too much will damage the screen surface
  8. If so, restart the phone, put the case back on

Thus our meeting this time that reviews 5 ways to make a touch screen cellphone screen that can’t be touched return to normal. If you still have questions about the Android cellphone touch screen, please contact us via the email provided. Hopefully our meeting this time can be useful for all of us, thank you so much.. is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you