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TechnoEcho: 6+ Ways to Fix Unread Smartfren SIM Card on Android Phone

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Smartfren SIM Card Unread – One of the problems that are often experienced by Android HP users is that the sim card cannot be read.

This unreadable sim card problem can happen to all cellular operators, one of which I just experienced myself when using the Smartfren Card.

As a result, the smartfren card has no network/signal service so it cannot be used for calls, sms or internet.

So how to solve the unreadable smartfren sim card on the android phone?

Therefore, at this meeting I will provide a solution when the smartfren card is not detected on your Android phone.

And how to fix this unreadable smartfren sim card, you can apply it on all android phones such as oppo, vivo, xiaomi, realme, samsung or even andromax cellphones.

Causes And How To Overcome Unreadable Smartfren SIM Card On Android Phones

smartfren card not read on android phone

In this previous article, I made a post about the problem that causes the smartfren sim card to have no service on non-andromax android phones.

You can confirm the reason Why Smartfren Card Doesn’t Show Signal on my post.

But if you have made sure and the smartfren ruim card is still unreadable then it is most likely caused by damage to the components of the android cellphone or the smartfren card itself.

Here’s how to fix it:

1. Clean Smartfren Card

One of the causes of the Smartfren Card cannot be detected on an Android cellphone is a dirty Smartfren card.

Adhered dirt can cause the card and sim card holder to not stick properly, causing the smartphone card to be unreadable.

Usually problems like this occur on sim cards that are rarely used or sim cards that are often replaced from the sim card slot of an Android cellphone.

Therefore, to overcome this, you can do it by cleaning the sim card brass using eucalyptus oil and a dry cloth.

You can see a tutorial on how to clean the unreadable sim card in the video below:

2. SIM Card Slot and SIM Card Overheat

This overheating or overheating can occur on all Android phones. Usually this happens due to continuous use of Android devices or indeed there is damage to the Android component itself.

As a result, the signal on the android phone sometimes appears, sometimes not because the smartphone card is suddenly unreadable.

If you experience problems like that, it would be better if you check your android phone to the nearest service center.

3. The SIM Card Slot Holder is Broken

If you have cleaned the simcard but it is still unreadable, then it is possible that the Smartfren Card cannot be read on your android phone because the sim card slot holder of the cellphone is damaged.

An easy way to make sure is to install another sim card in the sim card slot that can’t read your smartfren card.

If another sim card cannot be detected, it can be ascertained that the cause of the smartfren sim card cannot be read on your android phone due to damage to the sim card slot holder.

However, if another sim card can be read, it is possible that your smartphone card has been damaged.

4. System Error On SIM Card

System errors on the sim card can also cause the smartfren card to not be detected on the android phone.

Usually this happens if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times if you provide the password on the smartfren card you are using.

The solution is that you have to bring your android phone along with the smartfren card to the smartfren gallery to replace and reset the PUK number.

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5. Broken SIM Card Brass Line

Another cause of damage to the smartfren sim card that cannot be read on an android phone is because the brass line of the sim card is disconnected.

The characteristics of a damaged smartfren sim card will be marked by the number of scratches on the sim card brass due to frequently changing sim cards in the sim card slot of the android phone.

In addition, if you look at the cellphone screen, a notification that the smartfren card has no service and no signal bar will appear.

If it’s like that, the way to overcome the unreadable smartfren card is to take it to the smartfren grapari.

You can ask for a replacement smartfren sim card with the damaged number.

For more details, you can see it in the steps below.

6. Take It To The Nearest Smartfren Gallery

If the smartfren card can’t have internet, a notification appears only for emergency calls or the smartfren card can’t be read on the android phone due to damage to the sim card itself. You can overcome this by bringing the sim card to the smartphone gallery.

There you can register a Smartfren card that does not have the network and replace a new Smartfren card but still use the old number.


  • The smartfren card number has not passed the grace period.

  • Bring your ID / identity card that you used when registering for the first time.

  • Bring the damaged smartphone card.

The cost to replace a damaged smartfren card in the smartfren gallery is very cheap, which is free or not paying admin fees at all.


That’s our meeting this time, which just discussed how how to solve unreadable smartfren card on android phone.

Hopefully this meeting can be useful for all of us, please write in the comments column if you have any questions you want to ask.

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