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TechnoEcho: 7 Youtube Solutions No Image On Android Phone (Black Screen)

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Youtube No Picture – Have you ever experienced the problem of youtube no picture only sound on an Android phone? If so, your problem is the same as mine the other day.

“how come there’s no picture”, that’s what I asked when playing a video on youtube no picture appeared.

Is my cellphone screen broken? Or maybe it’s buffering because the quota is running out? what is clear, although only sound is heard, when watching youtube the screen is black.

After searching in various sources and forums, luckily I found a way to solve youtube where no image appears on my android phone.

Even though it’s simple, it turns out that this method really works to fix black screen youtube on my android at that time. And in the third step I managed to get the image out again.

Why is the screen black when watching YouTube?

There are many reasons why YouTube doesn’t have an image when played on a cellphone or laptop, whether it’s because of a slow internet connection or an error on the Android device itself.

But what makes the screen black is usually caused by:

  • Cache files piling up
  • Installing the youtube client app
  • Haven’t updated yet

Well.. so that you don’t feel in vain having an abundant quota to watch youtube but the image doesn’t come out, try the following method.

7 Ways to Overcome Youtube No Picture Only Sound Comes Out on Android Phone

how to solve youtube no picture only sound on android phone

If you can’t play a youtube video because the image doesn’t come out and the screen is blank black but only the sound is heard, here’s the solution:

1. Restart Internet Connection

It is possible for an error to occur when playing YouTube videos due to an unstable internet connection. And usually besides the black blank youtube screen there will be a message youtube playback id problem.

Therefore, the easiest way that you can first do is to restart the internet connection.

To restart the internet connection on your Android phone, you can do it by turning off and then turning on cellular data again. You can go through the quick settings menu (swiping the screen) or data connection settings.

The method :

  1. Enter the settings menu.
  2. Then select SIM Card and Mobile Network.
  3. Then turn off the data network for 10 seconds.
  4. After that, turn on the data network again.

The next step is to try re-entering the YouTube application and see if it can bring up the image on the video you are playing.

If the youtube video display is still black with no image, try changing to another video. Why ? Here’s the full review.

2. Play Next Video

Have you ever thought: YouTube videos that don’t show pictures are actually made by the channel owner like that?

It could be that the content creator made a video with a black image display but only sound can be heard. But to be more certain, let’s check in the following way:

First play the video of your choice. If the image does not appear, play the next video below it.

If the image appears in the next video successfully, re-play the youtube video that you wanted before.

But if it’s still the same, try the third method below which managed to display images on my youtube yesterday.

3. Clear Youtube App History & Privacy

The more often you watch and search for videos on YouTube, the more cache in the application. The cache in the application is in the form of a history of all the videos that you have seen on your Android phone.

The result: an error occurs when playing youtube videos.

Therefore, try to clear your search history so far. Here’s how to delete YouTube video search history & history on an Android phone:

  1. First, open the YouTube application on your Android phone.
  2. Then go to Youtube Settings by pressing the YouTube account photo icon (channel profile photo).
  3. After that select History & Privacy.
  4. Then select “Clear watch history” and “Clear search history”.
  5. If so, return to the youtube homepage.
  6. Refresh the application by pulling the HP screen from top to bottom until the loading icon appears.
  7. And try again to watch the video you want to play.

If on your Android phone, YouTube still doesn’t show pictures, below I have prepared the next steps that my friends on the Android forum have done.

4. Update the Youtube Application

Update the youtube app via the android phone playstore. Because every time there is an update, there will be an increase in the performance of the application.

That way you can fix the youtube application that has an error.

To update, you only need:

Entered into Playstore Android Phone >> search app Youtube >> then select Updates.

My advice, don’t use the youtube application in the form of a raw file (.apk) because it may not be compatible with your Android phone so that it gets an error when it is used to play videos.

5. Clear Youtube Cache and Data

There is a difference between deleting youtube app data and watch history which I did in the previous third step.

Deleting this youtube application data will clean all data in the application, from account data to search history. So that the performance of the android phone will be lighter when playing videos.

Here’s how to clear the YouTube app’s data and cache:

  1. Enter the Settings menu
  2. Then select Application >> search Youtube app
  3. After that press Clear Data and Clear Cache

For more optimal results for displaying images on YouTube, after deleting the data, continue by restarting your cellphone and trying to play the video again.

6. Delete the Youtube Client Application

If you’ve ever installed a YouTube client application to watch or download videos, for example like the downloader app, try deleting it first.

If after the application you delete the problem when watching YouTube, the black screen does not appear, the image can return to normal, most likely the cause is a third-party application.

Because the use of applications that are not compatible with Android phones can result in blanks.

7. Check Google Chrome Cookies

Basically, cookies serve to make it easier for users not to bother retyping the addresses of websites they have visited, because website addresses are automatically saved.

Well.. if you like watching youtube videos via google chrome, try checking the stored cookie data if the image on youtube doesn’t appear.

Here’s how to solve youtube no image in chrome:

Open the app Google Chrome >> Click Three Point in the top right corner >> choose History >> then select Clear Browsing Data >> after that do Clear Data.

The final word ..

That’s how to deal with youtube videos that don’t have pictures. Those are 7 effective ways to display images on youtube that I have tested myself and the results work.

Hopefully our meeting this time can provide many benefits for all of us.

That is all and thank you. is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you