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TechnoEcho: Causes and Solutions for Dark Whatsapp Camera, Can’t Open on Android Phone

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Dark Whatsapp Camera – How how to fix dark whatsapp camera when used to take photos or video calls? It is undeniable that many android whatsapp users (in particular) often complain about the whatsapp camera problem that cannot be opened. Where the wa error camera problem cannot be used occurs when using the front camera or rear camera.

Then how how to fix wa camera not working well? And why can’t the whatsapp camera be used on an android phone?

We need to know that the Android cellphone camera that doesn’t work in the WhatsApp application can be caused by damage to the phone’s default camera or from a damaged WhatsApp Android application. However, if the camera application problem comes out by itself only when we open the WhatsApp application, it is possible that the cause of the wa camera error comes from the WhatsApp application itself.

The characteristics of the Android cellphone camera cannot be connected to the WhatsApp application, for example, such as:

Therefore, at our meeting this time we will provide some information to overcome the whatsapp camera which often closes itself. Although the whatsapp tips that we share this time are quite simple, we can apply this method to all types of android phones such as xiaomi, samsung, vivo, and oppo smartphones.

How to Overcome a Dark Camera When Video Calling Whatsapp on an Android Phone

Causes and Solutions for Dark Whatsapp Camera, Can't be Opened on Android Phone

Reported from by TechnoEchoallowing permissions on camera settings in whatsapp is necessary for us to do so that the WhatsApp application can use photos from the camera roll or photo albums from our Android cellphones.

Causes Whatsapp Camera Can’t Be Used on Android Phones

It is undeniable that there are not a few that cause Android phones to not open the camera on the WhatsApp application. In addition, the notification often appears “unable to start the camera, please restart your phone” which makes the WhatsApp camera dark when it is used to make video calls / video calls.

Why is wa camera dark?

If the phone has sound but the screen is off when you get a message, phone call or whatsapp video call, you can make sure the android device engine is still on (normal), even though the condition of the cellphone screen is dark as if it doesn’t turn on.

The following are some of the factors that cause unable to start the camera on the WhatsApp android application, including:

  • WhatsApp app is brokenusually to overcome this we can do it by temporarily stopping the wa application
  • Too much data and cachethis can make the application crash and be heavy to open
  • Whatsapp application not updatingWhatsapp that is not updated can cause bugs and errors
  • Root accesswhatsapp camera not working properly can happen because of a rooted android phone
  • Do not allow camera

And if I experience the wa problem, here’s how to fix the video call camera that I usually do:

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How to Fix Dark Camera When Making Whatsapp Video Calls

If for some reason WhatsApp can’t be connected to the Android cellphone camera, we have confirmed that it turns out that the source of the WhatsApp camera failed problem comes from the WhatsApp application itself, then it doesn’t hurt to try the WA camera solution that closes itself in the video below:

However, if the way to overcome the dark camera during a WhatsApp video call on the video has not been able to produce results, then you can use the following other methods:

1. Camera Solution Can’t Connect Via Camera Settings on Whatsapp Android Phone

This is the first step that I always do first when the cellphone camera can’t make video calls.

Because this method is very effective for dealing with dark WhatsApp video calls (no picture), or the message “cannot access the camera” appears. You only need to enter the WhatsApp video call camera settings, then do the following steps:

  1. First of all open the Settings menu first
  2. Then select Installed Applications
  3. After that we look for the Whatsapp application
    whatsapp suddenly can't video call
  4. Then select the Application Permission menu
    how to solve whatsapp camera can't be opened
  5. The last step, activate / give permission to the camera section or you can also activate everything

In order to get more optimal results, restart your cellphone first > then open the WhatsApp application again.

2. Clear Cache When WhatsApp Camera Can’t Video Call

In addition to giving application permissions, clearing the cache can also help to overcome WhatsApp, where the video call feature does not work on your Android phone.

Here’s how to clear the whatsapp application cache:

  1. First go to Android HP Settings.
  2. Then go to Applications, after that look for the WhatsApp application.
  3. Then select the Storage menu > tap the Clear Cache button.
  4. If you have reopened the WhatsApp application.

This method is also recommended directly by many Android users, both from within the country and abroad.

Because resetting WhatsApp temporary storage data also functions to eliminate existing errors.

3. Check Internet Connection

When it comes to calling features, a high-speed internet connection is very influential on the Whatsapp application.

At least it takes a minimum internet speed of 1Mbps when you will make a call feature, be it voice or video.

If the internet connection is unstable, usually you will not be able to make voice calls or WhatsApp video calls. Later, it will only be stuck or a “call ended” message will appear.

Therefore you can use an internet connection test application if the speed is really slow.

Or try changing the sim card first to find a provider with a better signal.

4. Delete Then Install the Whatsapp Application Again

Bugs in the application can also be the cause of the dark vc wa camera. For this reason, re-installing the application can also be used as a way to overcome the dark wa camera.

The method is very easy. Enough First delete WhatsApp > then install again as usual.

But make sure you still use the cellphone number that was used when you first created a WhatsApp account, otherwise you’ll have trouble logging in to the WhatsApp application.

After that, try the video call feature again. I also sometimes do this when I have a problem with the screen turning off during a WhatsApp video call.

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5. Turn on Flash When Video Calling On Whatsapp

You will agree if android phone camera resolution which is used very influential when making WhatsApp video calls?

Moreover, when you are on a video call at night, it will certainly look very dark when compared to the camera results during the day.

If that’s the case, so that the camera is not dark during video calls, the solution is to find a place with good lighting.

In addition, you can also turn on the flash or activate the beauty effect so that the camera is clearer during video calls on WhatsApp.

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That’s our meeting this time, which just reviewed how we can use the Android cellphone camera access on the WhatsApp application.

Hopefully the post above can provide benefits for all of us and of course can overcome the camera turns off when video calls on android phones, that’s all and thank you.. is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you