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TechnoEcho: How to Check HP Charger Ampere Using Applications

Check Ampere Charger – Your android phone is charging but it takes a long time to fully charge? Already using a good brand of cable and charger with a large output but the result is still the same, the cellphone battery is slow to charge. Not all causes of charging problems come from Android devices, it could be that a good charger doesn’t necessarily match the specifications.

For that we need to check the output of the cellphone charger using a measuring instrument. Here TechnoEcho will provide a guide on how to check the amperage of the cellphone charger using the help of the Android application.

So we don’t have to bother looking for a multitester to measure the current entering the android phone. Let’s just start counting using this mobile phone charger software.

Application to check battery capacity when charging on an Android phone

how to check hp charger amperage using the application

It is undeniable that the speed of charging the battery in a cellphone depends on the charger and the type of usb cable used. However, the many brands of chargers that are sold in the market at low prices cannot guarantee the quality of these goods.

For this reason, here we will invite you to check the input, output, charger and charger of Android using an application called Ampere.

Ampere application is an application on an android phone that functions to determine power consumption when the cellphone is active / the screen is on.

In addition, this application can also be used to check how well the condition of charging the battery using a charger or powerbank is. So with the Ampere Application, we can find out the charger output that goes on the Android cellphone so that the cause of the cellphone in the old charger is full we can find out where it came from.

So let’s just get started how to check charger amperage on android phone use the application in the review below.

How to Check Charger Output Using the Ampere Application on Android Phones

How to Check HP Charger Ampere
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First Step: Download Ampere Application

The first step we need to do is to install Ampere App which we can download for free on the Android Playstore.

This 4.4 MB application from Braintrapp, besides being able to find out which charger can charge quickly, can also help us to distinguish the original android cellphone charger from the fake one.

Step Two: Run the Application

Open the Ampere application that we downloaded earlier, then wait a while until the application starts calculating the battery capacity that is being used.

how to calculate charger amperage

After everything is done automatically the results in real time will be displayed on the android cellphone screen that we have. In this mode, the application will usually display information in an orange font.

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Step Three: Connect the Charger

Connect the charger to the android phone to check the ability of the charger, after a few seconds the application will display the power generated.

Power information will be displayed with a green font when the android phone is connected to the charger. When the cellphone charger charges the battery, the amperage information will be shown in the form of numbers.

how to use ampere app on android

Here we can try to compare with other cellphone chargers, if one of the chargers displays a high amperage, it means that the cellphone battery will be fully charged quickly.

To ensure the authenticity of the cellphone charger, we can confirm whether the amperage display on the cellphone screen when charging is in accordance with the specifications of the charger we are using.

We give an illustration, for example like this, if we use a 1000mA charger / power bank with an output capability above 1000mA.

Supposedly the indicator display on the cellphone screen when using the application will show power above 900mA and even 1100mAh.

If the results are like that then it means that the power from the adapter / power bank can be declared real or according to the information in the specifications.

Addendum: Information Display

Besides being able to be used to check charging speed, this application can also provide information that is no less important. Namely as an application to check the Android battery capacity is still in good condition or not.

android battery capacity check app

Such conditions will usually be marked with an “Over Voltage” information display. If it’s like this, then we have to start thinking about what causes the excess cellphone charger current, for example, using a cover, case, or protector on an Android cellphone.

Because if we let this matter, the problem will increase, namely the cellphone in the case can’t be full.


So after seeing the explanation about the amperage application above, apart from being a way to check a damaged cellphone charger, the Ampere application functions as:

  • Gives information about power consumption in the amperage indicator
  • Provides information about charging power when the android phone is in the charger
  • Calculating battery voltage during battery charging
  • Checking battery heat/temperature
  • Inform notification of full battery, low battery, or battery overheating alarm

For that, if you have 2 different chargers, we can test first using the Ampere Application.

Thus the meeting this time that just reviewed how to use the Ampere application on the Android cellphone. Hopefully after knowing the usefulness of the Android amperage application, we can be wiser again in this application choose the best charger recently. That is all and thank you is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you