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TechnoEcho: How to Fix a Blank White HP Screen Without Changing the LCD

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White Blank HP Screen – Is there white blank lcd solution for android phone? Of course, not a few cellphone users with touch screens have problems on the cellphone screen, for example, the cellphone screen is blank white even though the engine is running.

The condition where the white blank lcd on Android often occurs when we are playing online games or when we are multi-tasking several applications. But it’s also possible after the cellphone is dropped or exposed to water, suddenly android phone goes blank screen (white screen) and the touchscreen doesn’t work.

Under such conditions, would how to fix a white blank cellphone lcd do i have to replace the touch screen? The answer is “NOT DEFINITELY”.

Therefore, at this meeting TechnoEcho will try to give some tips to overcome the white blank lcd on android without having to replace the screen. For that, let’s just take a look at the full review about how to fix a white cellphone screen but it’s on below this.

How to solve a white blank screen but the cellphone is on

how to fix a white lined cellphone lcd

Causes of the Android HP Screen Hanging White

1. Android Phone Falls

An android phone that falls from a high enough distance does not rule out the possibility that it will make the android phone a blank screen. The cause of the cellphone screen turning white is all due to a connector that is not connected properly.

In addition to causing the cellphone screen to turn white, falling from a height can also be a causes of screen flickering.

2. System Error

This blank white Android HP LCD can also be caused by using too many applications at one time (multitasking) or it could be due to installing applications that are not compatible with our Android system.

Therefore, do a few simple steps below to overcome the blank screen android, including:

  • Turn off the android phone then remove the battery for a while, after that plug it in and turn it back on
  • Try replacing the cellphone battery with another one and charging it
  • There is nothing wrong if you replace removing the sim card that is being used for a while

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How to Fix a Blank White HP Screen Without Changing the Android LCD

If the above method on the Android cellphone LCD is still white, then try the next steps below.

But before we repair the cellphone lcd screen in the way below, make sure first that there are no problems with cable disconnection and also the condition of the LCD is not damaged.

For that, let’s just take a look at some of the steps below:

1. Perform LCD Check

To check the condition of the blank white LCD is damaged or not, we can do it easily by calling the android phone.

If the phone can be connected then there is a possibility that the blank screen problem is only because the screen connector is not connected perfectly.

2. Factory Reset

If all the android phones that we have are in good condition, but suddenly turn white all of a sudden then try to do a factory reset.

Factory Reset here aims to restore the condition of the Android smartphone as it was originally purchased because we may have forgotten what things we have done so that the Android system becomes corrupt.

Make sure before we do a factory reset, backup all existing data first so we can anticipate if there is a problem during the Android hard reset process.

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3. White Blank LCD Solution After Contact with Water

How to fix a touch screen cellphone that hangs white this time we do by cleaning the LCD connector and cleaning the LCD flexible female connector. If the condition is not too severe or just dirty, then we don’t need to replace the Android cellphone LCD.

However, if in the following way the lcd of the cellphone that hangs white has not been resolved, then inevitably we have to replace the lcd of the android cellphone that we have.

Based on information from smartphone technicians, on the latest android phones today there are several android phones which when we are going to replace the lcd, we automatically have to replace the touch screen of the device (for example: Samsung Galaxy J5).

To fix an android phone that turns white on the LCD screen, let’s just look at the following reviews, including:

  1. First of all, we turn off the android smartphone that we have first and then open the back case of the device
    how to fix a white lined cellphone lcd
    image source: google images
  2. After the casing cover is open, remove the android cellphone battery
  3. The next step is to remove the casing for the LCD and Touchscreen connector covers
    how to fix a white lined cellphone lcd
    image source: google images
  4. Then we heat the Touchscreen using a blower that has been given a temperature of approximately 100 degrees. It aims to melt the adhesive glue on the touchscreen
  5. After everything is removed, we clean the LCD and Touchscreen using a clean and dry cloth
  6. Then install everything as before
    how to fix a white lined cellphone lcd
    image source: google image

Actually, how to deal with an Android cellphone LCD that is blank white after being hit by water, we have discussed in our previous post.

But if you don’t feel like changing the LCD screen, I have some recommendations cellphone that uses gorilla glass 5. He said anyway.. Gorilla Glass 5 screen is more durable than other types.

That’s our meeting this time, which just reviewed how to solve the flickering and striped cellphone screen on the Android device that we have. Hopefully our meeting this time can be useful for all of us, thank you so much.. is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you