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TechnoEcho: How to Fix an Old Phone Charger Charging the Battery

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The old android battery is full when it is being charged or charging can be caused by the charger cable, usb port or cellphone charger itself.

The HP charger is a charger that is equipped with a micro USB port and a charger cable as a connecting current to the Android smartphone battery. Now this cellphone charger also has a fast charging or quick charging feature.

Even so, sometimes the problem of the old cellphone charger charging when the Android battery is charged still often occurs. Even though under normal conditions, the time to charge an Android cellphone is only about 2 hours.

So how do you fix the old cellphone charger that charges it?

Therefore, at this meeting, Technoecho will provide a solution for those of you who are experiencing problems with the charging process on an Android phone that is running slowly. Because if this problem is left unchecked, the effect of charging the cellphone for too long will have the effect of a damaged cellphone charger.

Here are some causes and ways to overcome the old battery that is charged and does not increase when it is charged so that the charging process can return to normal.

How to Fix a Slow HP Charger Process

how to fix an old cellphone charger charging the battery

Why doesn’t the battery increase when it’s charged?

There are many factors that affect the speed of the cellphone charge, one of which is caused by the quality of the cellphone charger itself.

In addition there are also several other factors that cause the cellphone battery to be fully charged for a long time, including:

  • The age of using the cellphone is too long
  • Using HP while charging
  • Weak Power Supply
  • Loose cellphone charger port
  • Too many apps in the background
  • Poor quality charger cable
  • The charger adapter is broken

In the worst case, the worst cause could be due to an already swollen or damaged cellphone battery.

But if your problem is with the usb connector which results in the old cellphone charger being full, on page how to fix a loose cellphone charger I have already reviewed the solution.

And if I experience this problem, usually the easiest solution so that charging cellphones can run faster is what I do, including:

1. Change HP Charger

The first step you need to do to overcome the old cellphone charger is to replace the cellphone charger. You can borrow another cellphone charger or directly buy a new one.

Because a damaged cellphone charger can cause the old battery to be fully charged 100%.

But if you want to replace a new cellphone charger, try to choose a good quality charger because there are currently many chargers with poor quality circulating.

Here are the characteristics of a good quality cellphone charger that you can use as a reference before buying, including:

  • Choose a cellphone charger with a 5V – 2.0 A label, meaning that the output of a cellphone charger that can be produced is about 2.0 Ampere with a voltage of 5 Volts.
  • Avoid buying a charger with a multifunction cable that has a universal connector, because the output is often unstable if the charger is connected to several types of cables at the same time.

Besides that, you can also buy a cellphone charger with an output of 2 amperes based on the best brands, such as Anker, Robot, Aukey, Wellcome, or Uneed.

2. Try Using Another Charger Cable

Not a few have experienced the long battery being charged this is caused by the connecting cable between the micro USB and the problematic android device. Lifespan or improper use can result in the cable not being able to transmit current to charge the battery.

Therefore, the way to deal with the old Android cellphone battery being charged due to the problematic charger cable is to replace the new USB cable.

But if you want to make sure the charger cable is damaged or not, try using the following methods:

  1. Borrow a charger cable that is used for other devices,
  2. Then try to see how long the cable can fully charge the battery.
  3. If the charging process can be faster, most likely the source of the problem comes from your usb cable.

My advice, buy a charger cable that has a thicker size because it can provide high currents faster.

Or you can also sand the end of the data cable connector so that there is no dirt stuck to it. Because dirt contamination at the end of the charger connector can cause data cable can’t charge when checking hp.

However, if after replacing the cellphone cable and charger the process of charging the battery still takes a long time, you should do a few things as below.

3. Avoid Charging Via Powerbank / Laptop / PC

It’s not the best idea to charge an Android phone using a USB port connection.

The usb port on a computer or laptop does not provide enough current to charge the android device battery. If you do that, the charging process will be slower and the old cellphone battery is fully charged.

In general, the current output for USB is approx. 500 mA (0.5 A) on USB 2.0 and 900 mA (0.9 A) on USB 3.0.

But if you are in a state of urgency, either there is no charger or the cellphone charger is damaged. You can use the USB port on your PC as another alternative.

My advice is to use a special USB version 3.0 port which has more power (blue) if you want to connect to your Android phone.

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4. Avoid Using HP During the Charging Process

Charging the battery while using an Android phone can have a negative impact on the health of the battery itself. The effect can cause the cellphone to heat up quickly so that the battery does not increase when it is charged.

So that this does not happen, you should do the following before carrying out the charging process:

  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connections.
  • Close all running applications.
  • Enter airplane mode.

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5. Change Android Device Version

Battery problems that drain quickly, the long charging process sometimes occurs after we update the Android version to the latest version.

If this happens it is often caused by a bug in the updated version or maybe an android device that is not compatible with that version.

I have also experienced the problem of charging a battery that is too long on several android phones that I use myself, starting from xiaomi, oppo, vivo and samsung phones.

So from that I immediately downgraded to the previous android version to solve the problem the cellphone couldn’t be charged.

6. Replace the Android HP Battery

If all the methods above haven’t been able to fix the fairly long cellphone charging process, then the last step is to replace the Android device battery.

The age factor of an Android cellphone, the physical condition of a bloated battery can be the cause of the old cellphone battery being full when charging.

And the characteristics of an Android cellphone battery that is starting to break you can see from the battery power that drains quickly.

The final word

So if the old cellphone charger is charging, you should try to replace it with a charger that has a fast charging feature or a charger with an output of 2 Ampere and a voltage of 5 Volts.

That’s our meeting this time, if you have another way to deal with a damaged cellphone charger, please share it in the comments column.

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