Telkomsel Holds The NextDev Summit 2022 Conference -

Telkomsel Holds The NextDev Summit 2022 Conference

Telkomsel Holds The NextDev Summit 2022 Conference – Reaffirming its commitment as a digital ecosystem enabler, Telkomsel held The NextDev Summit 2022 #UnleashImpactWithDigital, an annual conference that facilitates collaboration to encourage the advancement of Indonesia’s digital ecosystem.

Telkomsel Holds The NextDev Summit 2022 Conference

This activity was carried out online through on 20-21 May 2022. With this conference, Telkomsel brought together The NextDev startups with their stakeholders as well as experts from startup activists and impact investors, as well as expanding the positive impact generated. from the main program The NextDev.

President Director of Telkomsel Hendri Mulya Sjam said, “As a digital ecosystem enabler, Telkomsel strives to continue to contribute to the digital economy of the Republic of Indonesia by opening opportunities for the use of the latest digital cellular technology solutions and services, both with startups and industry players in various sectors.

Telkomsel Holds The NextDev Summit 2022 Conference

“In order to open access opportunities and support startups, so that they can jointly develop innovations and good digital solutions in response to problems experienced by the community, we present The NextDev Summit 2022 #UnleashImpactWithDigital which includes topics around innovation, startups, technology, impact, and the latest digital and technology business trends.” added Hendri

Telkomsel held The NextDev Summit 2022 conference online using a 360o virtual stage, where startup participants and audiences could step into the class of interest and interact directly through their respective devices.

On the first day of The NextDev Summit, Uplift Day, startups and audiences can join a masterclass session at Impact Stage to conduct in-depth learning with focused and specific topics.

Those who are interested in interacting with speakers, startup activists, and digital business expert speakers can also take part in webinars, workshops, investor meet-ups, and discussions classes available at Idea Space.

Meanwhile, on the second day, Conference Day, startups and audiences can listen to big topics from expert speakers who will deliver keynotes, seminars, and panel discussions at the Impact Stage.

Telkomsel Holds The NextDev Summit 2022 Conference

In addition, startups and audiences can support their favorite The NextDev startups in the demo day and inauguration sessions that take place on the sidelines of the event at the Innovation Hall.

To share knowledge, spark new ideas, and inspire each other, in its third year of implementation, The NextDev Summit 2022 #UnleashImpactWithDigital presents more than 70 speakers, ranging from Smesco President Director Leonard Theosabrata, comic creator Si Juki, to digital creator Ghozali Everyday.

Telkomsel also presented several international speakers such as Author Design Sprint & Make Time Jake Knapp, DOMI Co-Founder & CEO Chief Gardener Corey Lien, and Venture Capital & Finance Director Crevisse Wonyoung Kim.

The NextDev itself is one of Telkomsel’s flagship Corporate Social Responsibility programs for digital startups.

The program has consistently helped open opportunities and build a digital ecosystem in Indonesia for the past 7 years, along with more than 5,000 startups from all over Indonesia.

The NextDev program series for 2021-2022 consists of The NextDev On Tour to reach startups in various parts of Indonesia, The NextDev Talent Scouting to attract top digital startups, The NextDev Academy to incubate and guide startups, The NextDev DigiTalent Academy to develop local digital talents , and The NextDev Summit to elevate and bring together digital startups and talent.

At the end of the event, Telkomsel inaugurated several leading startups as Evangelists, the name for the best participants in The NextDev Academy program.

Based on an assessment of the aspects of business growth, impact achievement, founder engagement, and mentor assessment during the incubation period, Telkomsel designated a research education startup based on the Massive Open Online Research Course (MOORC) Science Hunter Indonesia and a startup that supports online business talent and MSME Komerce as The NextDev Academy. Evangelists.

In addition, in the Programming and Data Science classes from The NextDev DigiTalent Academy program, Telkomsel also received several digital talents as Top DigiTalents with the highest total accumulated scores in the weekly assignment, final project, and showcase performance aspects.

The three NextDev Top DigiTalents are student from Depok Aufa Fadhlurohman, startup enthusiast from Bandung Noer Ardiansyah Laksana, and freelancer from Medan Rezha Jamil Nasution.

“Through The NextDev and The NextDev Summit 2022, Telkomsel opens all opportunities and supports the development of young generations of digital technology users who are creative, digitally capable, and have an entrepreneurial mentality, to open up opportunities for them to continue to advance as Indonesia’s leading digital talents and welcome the Golden Indonesia momentum. 2045.

“Hopefully the conference event that we present can provide benefits for the development of Indonesia’s digital economy in the future. Together, we can #UnleashImpactWithDigital, show our contribution to society, and create positive change for Indonesia,” concluded Hendri.

To participate in The NextDev Summit 2022 #UnleashImpactWithDigital conference event, startups and audiences can directly register at and follow information related to The NextDev program on social media @thenextdev.