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How to use cable skun pliers (hydraulic skun press pliers) – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualaikum, wr, wb. Hello, boss, my friend, maintenance workshop technique, today I want to explain about how to use cable pliers (hydraulic skun press pliers), there are some tips and how to use hydraulic skun pliers or how to use pliers for cable skun, for that, see to friends don’t fail to understand, my advice… Read More »

Difference between AC solenoid and DC solenoid – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualaikum, wr, wb Hello genks, how are you, warm greetings always for you friends of maintenance workshop techniques, in this article I want to raise the title about the difference between AC solenoid and DC solenoid, have you ever heard of a solenoid?! It must have been. For this reason, I will briefly describe the… Read More »

The cause of the digital scale (ton scale) is not accurate on the indicator numbers – Maintenance Workshop

Now this is the most sensitive part of a large-scale digital scale or a tonne scale, a damaged loadcell can cause inaccurate weighing, friends, a tonne scale usually has 4 load cells, if one of them is damaged, the digital scale will automatically not have accurate numbers. which is read on the indicator, then how… Read More »

How to use a battery charger (maxtron) – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualaikum, wr, wb. Introduction hello bro?! Friends of the maintenance workshop technique, how are you guys today, I hope you are always healthy, okay? Don’t forget to wear a mask and keep a safe distance due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which is not over yet. So, in this article, I will explain how to use… Read More »