The 3 Best Network Card (WiFi, Wireless, Ethernet, for Fiber)

By | November 11, 2021

1. Asus PCE-AC56 – The best choice

Asus PCE-AC56

Type: wireless
Presence of antennas: yes

Do you have to change your old network card because it is faulty or do you want to update it with a top-of-the-range one? In any case, Asus PCE-AC56 is the best choice you can make. Wireless, high performance and widely compatible with most of your PCs and notebooks, it is the best choice.

With the ASUS PCE-AC56 you will have a device equipped with the latest 5th generation Broadcom Wi-Fi technology, guaranteeing you high performance, while still being compatible with older computers.

The network device has a system called ASUS AiRadar that works through the external presence of antennas that guarantee an optimized and stable connection, as well as signal amplification, offering you total coverage of your home, eliminating up to 150% of dead zones .

Its connectivity up to 1.3 GB / s together with TurboQAM technology provides you with very high performance, surpassing other network cards on the market by about 33%. The dual-band operation also allows you to choose between 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz so that you can get the maximum performance from whatever your device is.

2. Hommie P02W-EU – Best value for money

Hommie P02W-EU

Type: wireless and bluetooth
Presence of antennas: yes

Hommie P02W-EU is an excellent choice for all those who are assembling a new desktop or notebook PC and need a powerful network card but at an affordable price.

This device is equipped with a bluetooth 4.2 chip that works together with Wi-Fi: you can connect your headphones, mouse or other favorite devices without having any interference on the connection. In fact, the 7265 AC Wi-Fi module guarantees you high performance and guaranteed stability.

The external presence of two 6 dB antennas allows you to have an excellent signal throughout your home, very stable and powerful. Despite being so avant-garde with this card you will have a device perfectly compatible with most of the devices available today. In addition, it supports both Windows and Linux operating systems.

It is also equipped with the latest 802.11 AC wireless technology and guarantees you a wireless speed of 867 MB / s. A truly incredible speed that is also perfect for those who play online and need a very powerful connection. The dual band system also allows you to choose whether to connect to 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.

Assembly is simple, since with the supplied screwdriver you just need to first screw the antennas and then screw the network card onto the motherboard. To connect, just insert the driver CD that will guide you in installing the necessary software and you can finally go online.

3. TP-Link TG-3468 – Best budget network card

TP-Link TG-3468

Type: with ethernet or wireless cable
Presence of antennas: no

An unexpected event has put your internal network card out of order and you absolutely need to buy another without having to spend too much money? TP-Ling TG-3468 is one of the best budget network cards on the market today.

TP-Link TG-3468, despite the price, offers excellent performance in line with current IEEE standards. It allows to be mounted comfortably inside your case thanks to its small size. In fact, the 32-bit PCI interface guarantees a very small footprint. The ethernet adapter it mounts allows you to connect up to 1000 MB / s.

The device is equipped with a recent technology called Wake-On-Lan which will allow you to easily manage the card through your router’s LAN system. This completely inexpensive network card is designed for excellent performance and you have the option of choosing the wireless version as well.

The installation of the network card will be simple and quick to do: you just need to find the space where you can install the iron clamp and the adapter on which you will then insert the device itself. Finally, to connect you will only have to install the drivers from the CD that will be supplied in the package.

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