The 8 Best CPU Cooler (liquid and air) of 2022

By | November 11, 2021

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1. ARCTIC Freezer XTREME – Our recommendation # 1

ARCTIC-Freezer-XTREMEType: Fan
Wattage: 160/200 Watt

With ARCTIC Freezer XTREME you have a CPU cooler that cools your computers, even the most performing ones. Powerful and with an excellent air cooling system, it is the best CPU cooler you can buy in 2020 according to our opinions.

This CPU cooler is equipped with a 102-fin PWM 92 mm fan and 4 thermo fuses that allow you to transfer heat from the CPU, managing to cool your computer by over 18 degrees. It is in fact suitable for all those who have powerful computers and who use them for several hours a day.

Despite the power you have with this device a system that is not noisy at all, as it is equipped with a Hardware Secrets which makes it the quietest ever. Its operation is intelligent: the more you use the PC and heat it up, the faster the fan will spin in order to avoid wasting power and increasing noise.

This CPU cooler is also multi-compatible: it is suitable for all computers equipped with Intel AMD processors, up to i7. If you are also looking for a device with an attractive design to insert inside the case, you are on horseback. You can easily install Freezer Xtreme without the help of a technician: the clamp mounting system is also suitable for those who are not experts in the sector. Finally, know that there is also another model available even more powerful with 200 Watts.

2. Arctic Freezer eSports Edition – Perfect for gamers

Arctic-Freezer-eSports-EditionType: double fan
Wattage: 12 Watts

With two fans, an excellent cooling system and a longevity guarantee, it is the best CPU cooler for gamers.

Are you a gaming enthusiast and put your PC under constant strain? Fear not, the Arctic Freezer eSport Edition CPU cooler was designed especially for the most demanding gamers and higher-end PCs. The eSport Edition CPU cooler is powerful and powerful. It has a system with two fans mounted on opposite sides of the boiler that will cool your computer in an instant.

Despite the double fan and the high power it is very quiet: it will not disturb your most demanding games with any background noise. This CPU cooler guarantees you a better heat dissipation thanks to the centrifuged heat pipes that offer you a greater heat dispersion, also thanks to the 49 aluminum fins that create micro vortices of air.

The Arctic Freezer CPU cooler has a system that guarantees high durability over time: the BioniX game fans will guarantee you a duration up to 4 times longer than other coolers for gamers. Finally, say enough to continuous spare parts and continuous expenses. If you also want to exhibit this jewel, don’t worry, it has an elegant design thanks to the black color with red finishes. Finally, it is also suitable for smaller homes thanks to its small size.

This CPU cooler ranks second in our ranking for high performance, the best for you gamers.

3. Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO – Best value for money

Cooler-Master-Hyper-TX3-EVOType: Fan
Wattage: 1.2 / 1.4 / 2.16 / 2.28 / 2.4 / 2.88 Watt

One of the best CPU coolers with excellent value for money: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo is a great choice if you want to effectively cool your PC without having to spend a lot of money. Read what our opinions on the product are based also on completely positive customer reviews.

With a powerful 92mm fan equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads, it will cool your PC even during the hottest days and all while making very little noise. The fan runs up to 2800RPM and is controlled directly from your motherboard. It is also possible to mount a second additional fan to improve performance.

This CPU cooler is easy to assemble thanks to the steel clip system, you don’t even need to rely on a specialized technician. It has 3 heat dissipation tubes which guarantee you a uniform heat diffusion. It has a high duration over time, in fact it guarantees an autonomy of over 40000 hours. It is compatible with PCs that are equipped with AMD and Intel processors, so it also allows you to keep it in case you need to change the processor.

The design is very simple: a completely aluminum device that does no harm to the aesthetics of your PC. Also found inside the package is a syringe with thermal paste in order to replace it when you notice that the one supplied is worn. Complete, powerful, efficient and affordable, this CPU cooler is absolutely among the best on the market.

4. Corsair Hydro H45 – The king of liquid coolers

Corsair-Hydro-H45Type: liquid
Wattage: –

Your PC will perform much better if you upgrade to a passive liquid cooling system. Corsair Hydro H45 refreshes your PC in a totally silent and efficient way, is a great cooling system suitable for even the best PCs and is also equipped with a simple maintenance system.

Large surface area 120mm radiator offers you high liquid cooling performance. In combination with the SP120L PWM fan you will have excellent heat distribution without the slightest noise. You can also customize the performance of the liquid CPU cooler so you don’t waste power when it’s not needed.

The pump unit provides high speed air circulation without being too bulky. Installation is very simple and you only need a screwdriver. This CPU cooler is also suitable for smaller PCs – just have space for a 120mm fan next to the CPU. The pre-applied thermal paste allows you to avoid a complicated installation step.

The device has minimal evaporation and this ensures a long service life. It is also built with quality materials, with rubber and copper that allow you to have a better heat conduction. It also supports the latest sockets available, including AM4.

Small and practical and with a rounded shape, it is also a pleasure for your eyes. Say goodbye to noisy boxes, complex fan assembly and continuous maintenance: upgrade to Corsair Hydro H45 and enjoy your PC even on the hottest summer days. Check out more great products by checking out our list of the best desktops and SSD notebooks on the market.

5. ARCTIC Freezer 7 Pro – Best budget CPU cooler

ARCTIC-Freezer-7-ProType: Fan
Wattage: 150 Watts

Choose ARCTIC Freezer 7 Pro to cool your PC on a budget. With great power and performance customization, you can decide how to activate the CPU cooler to cool your PC. Here are our opinions on one of the best cheapest CPU coolers of 2021.

Economical and with excellent cooling capabilities, it features a 92mm fan that activates when you want. The intelligent operation system will save you energy and will also guarantee you a long product life. Despite its excellent performance, it is still remarkably quiet compared to other CPU coolers available on the market in 2021.

The installation of the CPU cooler will be simple for you, being equipped with a quick and easy system that takes only a few minutes to be mounted next to the motherboard. It is widely compatible with most of the processors on the market and this will ensure you do not have to change the heatsink, should you have to change the processor for any reason.

So say goodbye to blue screens! This CPU cooler proves to be the best choice for those who want to push their PC performance to the max despite a limited budget! You can’t find better at such a low price.

6. Noctua NH-U9B SE2 – Ultra compact

Noctua-NH-U9B-SE2Type: double fan
Wattage: 1.32 Watt

So far we have seen rather bulky heatsinks, suitable for generously sized homes. What we are about to present to you is an excellent CPU cooler that is perfect for even the smallest PCs.

With a 92mm NF-B9 dual fan system, the CPU cooler specializes in low-noise cooling also thanks to the Low-Noise Adapter system. It is a great solution for anyone looking to build a high-end PC.

Of rather small size, with a height of only 125 mm it is also suitable for those who own the most compact PCs. Inside it has a special thermal paste that guarantees you a high quality and a long life.

Inside the package you will also find cables with resistors that reduce the revs of the fans when high cooling is not needed. This will allow you to save energy and keep noise levels to the minimum necessary when high heat dissipation is not required.

Blast your PC temperatures by up to 20 degrees with this spectacular air CPU cooler. Rely on Noctua, market leader and company with many years of experience in the sector if you want an excellent CPU cooler.

7. ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO – The simplest installation

ARCTIC-Freezer-34-eSports-DUOType: double fan
Wattage: 210 Watt

Like all the best CPU coolers of the Arctic series, it is particularly suitable for those who make eSports and gaming their passion. Furthermore, this heatsink in particular is the best for those who are not very practical in the sector, since it has a very fast assembly.

Two fans instead of one, Arctic Freezer 34 offers you the best performance. Combined with the heat pipes, the CPU cooler with 54 fins allows you to cool your machine even during the hottest summer days and during the most demanding games.

The two fans work with push-pull technology: one pushes the air and the other pours it out. Together with the included MX-4 thermal paste, the CPU cooler will allow you to achieve the best cooling and heat diffusion results.

You will have no difficulty in assembling and no particular knowledge is required for its configuration. The CPU cooler is compatible with intel processors, even i7 7700k and thanks to the moderate size it will be a breeze to install.

Despite the excellent performance, the CPU cooler will remain quite silent, especially if it is kept below 2300 RPM. If, on the other hand, your PC does not need heat diffusion at some moments, the fans will spin so slowly that you won’t even feel like you have activated them.

So are you ready to play and work with a fully cooled PC? With this very easy to assemble CPU cooler all of this is ensured.

8. upHere 5V – A super lit case

upHere-5VType: Dual Fan
Wattage: –

Here we are in front of the latest product in our ranking of excellent heat sinks. In this case, in addition to high performance, we offer you our opinions about a device that will give your PC a modern touch in terms of design and lighting.

This offers you unprecedented and stable heat diffusion performance, thanks to the two built-in 120mm fans. The 0.5mm fins and the four heat dissipation pumps allow you to achieve amazing results.

It has 4 heat diffusion tubes which make it the best for those who make heavy use of their PC. The CPU cooler supports the most common motherboards on the market, so it is suitable for a wide range of PCs. Assembly is really simple and you can mount it in any position, horizontally, vertically or at an angle.

As we told you, one of the strengths of this CPU cooler is undoubtedly the aesthetics and design. It has a system of LED lights that are entirely interchangeable and synchronizable with other products. The lighting system will also be able to satisfy the palates of those who make aesthetics one of the main parameters of their PC.

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