The best combined refrigerators on the market: our selection

By | Oktober 29, 2021

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If you’ve made it this far, your old refrigerator has probably broken or you just want to swap it out for a higher performance one. We will help you to choose and better understand how this type of appliance works.

The combi refrigerator, as you almost certainly already know, helps you keep food in good condition, in several ways. However, you should know that not all models offer the same features and improvements. To find out more, please read on.

The combi refrigerator has separate doors and motors for the different refrigeration and freezing areas.

Today almost all the models on the market are very efficient in terms of annual consumption.

The No Frost technology allows uniform cooling in every corner of the refrigerator. It can be one of the purchase criteria for finding your combined refrigerator. Find out this and other factors to keep in mind in the final section of the article.

We know that the world of home appliances can be a bit boring when it comes to choosing the product you want to buy. In this section we have brought together some of the best combined refrigerators currently on the market. We hope to help you find what you are looking for in an easier way!

  • Buyers’ favorite combination refrigerator
  • The refrigerator combined with the best value for money
  • The best combined refrigerator for larger families
  • The best American fridge

Buyers’ favorite combination refrigerator

The Samsung RB29FERNDSA / ES is the most successful combined refrigerator, offering an overall capacity of 209 L and energy efficiency class A +. It supports No Frost technology and uniform cooling of internal areas. The freezer occupies the lower half, and includes 3 easily removable trays.

It is appreciated for the general quality of the product, the solidity of the materials and the ease of use. The design is also excellent, simple and modern, with an external display where you can view and adjust the temperature of the appliance.

The refrigerator combined with the best value for money

The Comfree HD273FN1WH is one of the most convenient proposals, and is suitable for families of 3 or 4 people. It is structured in a fairly traditional way, with a small freezer on the top and a large refrigerator in the bottom, including a vegetable tray and 4 shelves. The total net capacity is 207 L, of which 41L for the freezer and 168L for the rest.

It belongs to the energy efficiency class A + and has an average consumption of 0.595 kWh per day. According to buyers, it represents an excellent compromise between price and quality, and guarantees a certain sturdiness and excellent ease of use and installation, being relatively compact and light.

The best combined refrigerator for larger families

The Hisense RQ563N4AI1 is an American-style refrigerator equipped with 4 doors, of which the 2 lower ones are dedicated to freezers whose temperature is independently programmable. It is certainly a versatile solution and, thanks to an internal volume of 432 L, also very large, enough to adapt to families of 4 or more people.

The energy efficiency is class A +, with a noise emission equal to 40 dB; it also supports No Frost technology, fast cooling and intelligent humidity control. The reviews are all extremely positive, describing it as a refrigerator that is as beautiful as it is spacious and functional.

The best American fridge

The LG GSI961PZAZ refrigerator is a modern and capacious product, suitable for larger families, as well as demanding ones. It offers a net internal capacity of 601 L, of which 405 L dedicated to the refrigerated area and 196 L for the freezer. It has a class A ++ energy efficiency and is equipped with a glass window, on the upper right door, which allows you to see the contents of that side of the fridge. On the opposite side there are the distributors of fresh water and crushed ice, with a 4 L tank.

It has an external display, total No Frost, rapid freezing, alarm for open doors and Wi-Fi, with LG SmartThinQ technology. The height is 1790 cm, the width of 912 cm and the depth of 738 cm, while the weight is 132 kg. The reviewers define it as a product that does not disappoint expectations, beautiful in aesthetics and functionality, complete in everything and without particular defects.

Shopping guide: Everything you need to know about combi refrigerators

After showing different models of combination refrigerator, we know that you may need more information about it. Although choosing a refrigerator may, a priori, seem somewhat complex, in reality it is not. Read on to better understand what factors you need to consider when looking for the right product for you.

What is the difference between a combined refrigerator and a simple one?

To begin with, combi refrigerators have two independent doors. One of these will be the compartment for refrigerated products and the other for frozen products. They also have two independent motors. The most common thing is to find the cooling zone in the upper zone and the freezing zone in the lower one, for reasons of comfort.In recent times, American-style combined refrigerators have also multiplied, which have similar characteristics, except that they are not part of the traditional distribution with compartments. The number of doors can vary from two to four and usually have an ice dispenser and water cubes. They are mainly intended for large families.

What is No Frost technology?

You have probably heard or read this term many times. The simple meaning is that it doesn’t accumulate ice. However this technology has a lot more to use. One of its greatest advantages lies in the uniform distribution of the cold in each of its corners 2 ) . This means that you can place the products as you like inside without too many worries.To ensure that this distribution is uniform, the refrigerator is equipped with a fan that takes care of this task. If you are thinking that this may result in a greater expenditure of energy, we can assure you that this is not the case. On the contrary, this feature helps to save money and allows you to cool and store food faster and longer.

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of a combined refrigerator?

Your old refrigerator may not be that advanced or it may have stopped working. If so, we recommend replacing it with one that best preserves your food. If you have any doubts about the combined refrigerator for your home, we will help you by listing a series of its positive and negative aspects. We hope they are useful to you.
  • Refrigerator and freezer in one appliance.
  • Due to its high demand, there are many models and prices are falling.
  • Virtually all models now have No Frost technology.
  • Combined refrigerators finished in stainless steel withstand the passage of time better.
  • They are generally very hardy.
  • The combined American style have greater capacity and are ideal for large families.
  • By owning independent motors, there is a greater risk that one of them will fail.

What is the energy efficiency of combi refrigerators?

The European Union Directive established an information label on energy consumption a few years ago 1 ) . This varies depending on the product you are reporting, as it exists for large appliances and other items such as air conditioners, light bulbs, automobiles, and more. The current directive entered into force in July 2011, as it replaced an earlier one.This stems from a main objective that is based on reducing the amount of energy necessary for the operation of the various products. If we stick to refrigerators, the label informs us about the annual electricity consumption, storage capacity and noise in decibels, as well as the energy efficiency index for color bars and their values.

The energy efficiency index follows the following scale:

  • The most efficient refrigerators: A +++, A ++ and A +.
  • Moderate consumption: A and B.
  • Excessive consumption: C and D.

Which exterior finish is most common in a combination refrigerator?

As you surely know, the most common finishes for refrigerators are the usual white color and stainless steel. However, it is worth talking about the advantage of stainless steel over regular finish. White ends up spoiling more easily, while this does not happen with stainless steel.Stainless steel also offers these advantages:

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Longer duration
  • Rust resistant
  • Greater elegance

What is the ideal temperature for a combined refrigerator?

It is not a trivial matter to establish a constant and adequate temperature for each compartment, that is, for the refrigerator and the freezer. Most brands recommend between 4º and 5º centigrade as the ideal temperature for fresh products. This will also depend on how full your refrigerator is.

If we talk about the freezer, around -18º C will be optimal for storing food in this compartment.

There are refrigerators to which you have to adjust the temperature depending on the season of the year you are in. Others who have ACS technology don’t need it. Most refrigerators can be adjusted from the outside panel.

To maintain a constant temperature, any manufacturer recommends opening the refrigerator doors as little as possible. It is not recommended to introduce hot food into it, as well as the fact of stacking food without any kind of order. The order in a combined refrigerator is fundamental, since thanks to this it is possible to facilitate the uniformity of the cold inside (if it is not No Frost).


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