The best kitchen thermometers on the market

By | Oktober 29, 2021

Welcome, you who love being in the kitchen! Are you looking for a cooking thermometer, right? Whether you’ve come here because you already know them or it’s the first time you’ve heard of them, you’re certainly in the right place. Today we will tell you a little everything you should know about these wonderful “culinary” accessories.

Although, until relatively recently, thermometers were only found in professional kitchens, there are now more and more houses that are equipped with them. These small devices, in fact, are able to offer many advantages. Do you want to meet them? So, read on!

  • If you have been moving around the exciting world of cooking for some time, you will know that reaching the coveted cooking “point” is not an easy task. However, to do this, a cooking thermometer could become your best ally.
  • And not just for meat, fish or roasts, because a cooking thermometer will also be very practical for preparing whipped cream, hot chocolate or caramel. What would become of the kitchen without innovations?
  • Fortunately, there are plenty of kitchen thermometers out there. But, if you want to find the one that best suits your needs, consider purchasing criteria such as temperature range, materials or functions.

We know that buying a cooking thermometer is not something you do every day. So, advice will be more than welcome, so you can choose the one to make the most of. Below, we present our selection, based on the best thermometers currently on the market. Check!

  • The best-selling kitchen thermometer ever
  • The most affordable kitchen thermometer
  • The most versatile kitchen thermometer
  • The most complete kitchen thermometer

The best-selling kitchen thermometer ever

The ThermoPro TP01S is a kitchen thermometer that combines practicality and quality at an affordable price, making it the best-selling ever and one of the best reviewed. It is able to provide the temperature, on a Celsius or Fahrenheit scale, in about 5 seconds from switching on, through a tip that can be inserted into food or liquid. The display has a button-activated backlight, and the whole is powered by a pair of AG13 (LR44) batteries, included.

The most affordable kitchen thermometer

The Habor Thermometer is a practical and convenient solution for measuring the temperature in the kitchen, from -50 ° C up to 300 ° C. It features an almost 15cm long probe, and a backlit digital display that displays the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Works with two AG13 (LR44) batteries, supplied. A clear protective case is also included.

The most versatile kitchen thermometer

The one proposed by Cocoda is a practical and versatile thermometer, with the characteristic of having two probes: one fixed on the instrument, resealable, and one removable and equipped with a 1 meter long cable, so as to be able to control the temperature at a more comfortable distance or inside an oven. It is equipped with a backlit screen and an alarm function, in order to receive an acoustic signal when a certain temperature is reached. CR2032 battery is included to power it. In addition to the hole to hang it, it is also prepared with a magnet on the back.

The most complete kitchen thermometer

ThermoPro TP17 Dual Probe Digital Kitchen Thermometer with Timer Mode and LCD Display for Cooking BBQ Food Meat Oven Roast Grill

The ThermoPro TP17 is a particularly complete and versatile device, equipped with two probes with 1 meter flexible cable as well as a large backlit LCD display, from which to monitor both temperatures. It is also possible to program an alarm for cooking food, with minimum and maximum temperatures, and with 7 preset programs based on the type of meat (which can also be modified). On the back it finally comes with a magnet, and an AAA battery is included.

Looking at the models we have just presented to you, you will by now have more or less an idea of ​​all that kitchen thermometers can offer you. However, you may still have some doubts about it. It is therefore time to address all these questions: we are here to answer.

What are the advantages of having a kitchen thermometer at home?

We know that putting a new appliance in our kitchen doesn’t always seem like a good idea. Especially since, in many cases, we doubt its true usefulness. In the case of kitchen thermometers, their numerous advantages offer us a clear answer in this regard. So much so that, with one of these devices, you can:

  • Cook each recipe with the right cooking point without having to rely on other less reliable factors such as appearance or aroma.
  • Check the temperature when cooking large quantities of food, as the heat may not spread evenly in these cases.
  • Make sure you are cooking at a safe temperature. By this, we intend to refer to the fact that the food must have reached the suitable temperature at which microorganisms that can be harmful to health are destroyed 1 ) .
  • Save energy by not exceeding the cooking times of each recipe.

Contrary to what one might think at first, there is a large variety of types of kitchen thermometers. Each of them has its own characteristics and knowing them will offer you the possibility to choose the one that will best meet your usage needs. We can therefore distinguish between:

  • Analog kitchen thermometers: Although they are no longer used much today, they are still found. They work analogue and are less accurate than digital ones.
  • Thermocouple kitchen thermometers: they are the fastest at measuring temperature. They have two thin wires in the tip of the probe, which are responsible for detecting the temperature.
  • Thermistor-type kitchen thermometers: in this case, the measurement is made using a thermal resistance sensor.
  • Oven thermometers (with or without cable): allow you to check the temperature of the oven without having to open it. They can also be used on pans.
  • Two-Tip Kitchen Thermometers: With a very fork-like design, these thermometers feature a temperature sensor in both tips. They are very practical and easy to use.
  • Laser kitchen thermometers: they are equipped with an infrared light that takes the measurement. They are very fast and accurate.
  • Disposable kitchen thermometers: the most innovative. They are designed to warn you when the food has reached the exact cooking point. They should be used when you are finishing cooking, as they cannot stay in food for a long time.

How does a kitchen thermometer work?

The operation of kitchen thermometers is very simple, especially since more and more intuitive and rapid models are continually created. However, two fundamental aspects need to be considered. On the one hand, calibration. To calibrate one of these thermometers, simply immerse them in boiling water and make sure they indicate 100 ºC.On the other hand, it is essential to place them in the right place, so that the measurement is as accurate as possible. Depending on the model you will use, you will have to place it differently, as indicated in the following table:

Type of kitchen thermometer How should it be positioned?
Thermocouple thermometer Just put it in food for less than an inch
Thermistor type thermometer You have to put it in food for a little more than one centimeter
Oven thermometer (Depending on the model) you have to put it in food for a little more than one centimeter. Some have to be kept outside and measure the temperature of the oven, not the food
Two-point thermometer Just put it in food for less than an inch. However, always in the thickest part
Laser thermometer Just place it at the right distance from food and the infrared light will take the measurement

What maintenance does a kitchen thermometer require?

Kitchen thermometers are very durable and resistant devices. Furthermore, they do not require any particular maintenance beyond the right attention for each use. The most important thing in this regard is to always keep the thermometer clean. Not so much for its durability, but for your safety and health.Of course, it is essential to always wash the thermometers after each use. To do this, simply clean the entire surface with plenty of soap and water. It is important, except in models that specify it, not to immerse them completely in water, as they could be damaged.

Any advice to make the most of my cooking thermometer?

As you use the kitchen thermometer, you will realize that it is a very practical accessory. Also, if you want to make the most of it, you can consider the following tips:

  1. Think carefully about your use of the thermometer and make sure that the one you choose is suitable for that use.
  2. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Not only to use it correctly, but also because it may have some features you do not know that may be useful.
  3. If the model allows it, calibrate it frequently to ensure the most accurate measurement possible.
  4. Check both the temperature of the food you are cooking and the correct location of the thermometer.
  5. Always keep the thermometer in the best hygienic conditions.


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