The Best Laptop Stand Office 2022: Review Buying Guide

By | November 19, 2021

The laptop support is not among the most requested accessories, as is the case for cases, chargers, and covers. However, it is in great demand by those who work at home, in the office, or who want to use their laptop more comfortably during their moments of relaxation.

One of the fundamental qualities of laptop bases is that the user can adopt a correct posture while using it. In this way, you can avoid many back, neck, and waist problems caused by poor posture when sitting at the computer. Remember that laptops are designed to be transported easily, not comfortable to use.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • The supports for laptops are accessories designed for two main functions: to put the tool in a more ergonomic position and to facilitate ventilation. There is a wide range of supports to suit every computer: for example, supports with cooling bases, lecterns, fixed or height-adjustable.
  • In recent years, the design and efficiency of laptop stands have improved dramatically. However, you need to be clear about some features before buying one. One of the factors to be taken into greater consideration may be the fact of having to have a cooling base or another type of base to transform our laptop into a desktop pc.
  • Although they are relatively simple accessories, we need to pay attention to some things, such as the characteristics of our laptop, before choosing the model that best suits our needs. The material, the maximum weight it can withstand, and the type of use you make of your computer are things not to be underestimated.

Our selection of the best laptop stands on the market

Following are the five best-selling laptop stands currently. Each has some characteristics to take into consideration when you want to buy such an object; the type and size of the laptop, the intensity of use to which it is subjected, or how much your budget is are other aspects that should not be underestimated.

  • AmazonBasics – Ventilated and adjustable laptop stand
  • Elekin Laptop PC Support
  • TopMate Cooling Base
  • Nulaxy Laptop Stand
  • Exponent 56301 ErgoNotebook Stand

AmazonBasics – Ventilated and adjustable laptop stand

The Amazon laptop support is adjustable from 12 to 35 degrees and allows you to have the perfect angle to avoid straining your back and hands. In metal mesh, this support allows for good ventilation of the device, avoiding slowdowns or malfunctions. It also has a slot to hold up to 6 cables, to avoid filling the desk with wires.

According to consumers, this is a very solid and functional item since, thanks to the material, it manages to disperse heat well, even better if the computer fan is located at the bottom. Also excellent is the presence of the slot for the cables which, in the opinion of the buyers, is a truly brilliant addition.

Elekin Laptop PC Support

The stand has been designed to support laptops whose dimensions range from 11 to 15 inches and whose maximum weight is 10 kg. It has a very open design, which serves to better dissipate the heat generated by the PC, and there is also the possibility of adjusting its height for better usability.

It is a product of excellent workmanship and carefully designed to fit any type of laptop. When folded, it becomes really thin, making it easy to carry. Although it may seem a fragile item, it does its job well, plus in an aesthetic guise that amazed most of the buyers.

TopMate Cooling Base

The topMate holder can support laptops up to 15.6 inches in size and has two USB ports to which mice and other devices can be connected. There are 5 fans (one larger in the center, and four smaller ones in the corners) that can be adjusted to three operating modes and 6 distinct speeds via the display below.

It is a support that does its job well, and that is aesthetically very nice, also because the fans are slightly illuminated. The only flaw reported by consumers is the fact that the air generated by the fans is not always directed towards the PC, and for this reason, sometimes it risks overheating.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

The Nulaxy support is suitable for computers ranging from 10 “to 17” and weighing up to 4kg. In aluminum alloy, it is composed of 3 pieces that can be easily disassembled and reassembled. This stand is tilted slightly forward, to ensure good ventilation of the computer.

Users are very satisfied with the product, both in terms of the material, which turns out to be very solid, and in terms of functionality: even if it does not have fans, it manages to ensure excellent ventilation of the laptop. The presence of non-slip rubber pads is certainly an added value, which makes this support useful and functional.

Exponent 56301 ErgoNotebook Stand

The Exponent support is tiltable in 6 positions, to allow the user to adopt a correct posture while using the computer. Suitable for laptops from 11 to 17 “, it is easy to carry and, for this reason, not bulky. Designed and produced in Italy.

According to buyers, the product is perfect for supporting even 5kg laptops, 17 ″ in size. It does its job very well on tablets and desks (also thanks to the non-slip rubber pads that are present in the package), but it is a little more unstable when placed on the legs. The material is excellent and resistant.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Laptop Stand

If you are thinking of buying a laptop stand, you need to be clear about some concepts and features. Although most of these accessories are not very expensive, it is important to choose the most suitable for our computer to avoid any nasty surprises. Below is a brief guide to help you in the selection process.

How many types of laptop stands are there on the market?

There are many models of laptop stands. For those looking for versatility, foldable stands are best suited as they are easier to store and carry. In addition to their normal use on a desk, this type of folding stands can also be used on the bed or sofa.

Another type of laptop stand is the cooler bases: normally, these stands are stationary and have various fans to help ventilate the device. They are accessories designed for those who use the PC to play since the increase in temperature caused by intense use is a prerogative of computers used to play video games.

If you don’t plan to move your laptop much, the one-piece metal or plastic bases are your best bet the metal ones are usually made of steel or aluminum, with non-slip rubber or silicone supports. Some models also have a mouse holder and other useful accessories, such as pencil holders.

Other portable supports have a cushion capable of adapting to the user’s belly: these are designed for recreational use of the computer, such as watching a TV series on the armchair or surfing the internet on the bed. To avoid annoying other people, some models also have a built-in LED lamp.

What is it important to use a laptop stand for?

Neither to increase productivity nor to prevent the laptop from overheating: the main reason for using a computer base is to avoid getting hurt: when you place the device on your desk you look down, but the ideal the screen is aligned horizontally with our eyes. This is the main purpose of most models.

When working on the PC, remember that your body must form a 90 ° angle with the main joints: knees, thighs, and elbows. The key thing is that the computer screen is in front of your eyes; some bases lift the pc, and therefore you will need to purchase an external mouse and keyboard (keep this in mind when you go to choose the support).

What should I consider when buying a laptop stand with a ventilation system?

Although today’s computers have very efficient cooling systems, a particularly long workday, intense gaming session, or other uses can cause its temperature to rise considerably. To avoid this, use actively cooled cradles (with fans) which will help dissipate the heat produced by the device.

Bases with a metal ventilation system are generally much more effective than plastic ones; even if they are more expensive, they are more durable. Take into account the size of the base, the location, and the quantity of the fans in the stand. These helpful factors are essential for adequate cooling.

More fans don’t equate to better cooling: sometimes, two and three powerful, well-placed fans are enough. Check the suction of the fans on the space where the computer is located, as dust could settle in the space between the laptop and the base, causing malfunctions.

The power of computer equipment fans is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM): this is the volume of air that passes through them over that time. The higher the CFM of the cooling base, the louder the fans will be: this is an important factor that must be taken into consideration before opting for one model over another.

How to turn a laptop into a stationary one with a vertical stand?

Have you ever thought about turning your laptop into a desktop PC? If you want to do this, you have to buy a base that allows you to place it closed in an upright position. You have to make sure that the device does not go into standby when you close it – it is something very simple to set up, regardless of the operating system.

When you put your device upright, you can save a large amount of space on your work table. Also, you can choose a monitor that has a larger screen than your laptop, which is a great convenience. The only flaw? Many laptops can only be turned on when open, but this is a small “nuisance” that is nothing compared to the advantages offered by the vertical stands.

Are there PC mounts for the car?

The car would not seem the ideal place to put a laptop, but there are people who, for work, need to use the computer even when traveling. To meet this need, there are laptop stands that can fit both the front and rear seats of the car.

Some models are practically briefcases that can be attached to the backrest of the rear seats; in addition to serving as a container, when open they can offer a horizontal base that is stable enough to work comfortably in the back seat. These are very useful accessories if you are traveling with children and on long journeys.

Other types of mounts are designed to be placed close to the steering wheel: provided with some hooks, they fit firmly to it, offering a solid bass for working comfortably on the laptop. Usually, they are useful for professionals who have to use the PC on business trips, while resting in a parking lot or at a service station.

Are there eco-friendly laptop mounts?

Although the most popular materials for laptop stands are metal and plastic, there are models in wood and with very attractive designs and prices. One of the ecological materials most appreciated by users is bamboo, which allows you to build beautiful and functional supports.

In addition to respecting the environment, the bamboo bases are light and durable; besides, they allow the heat coming from the device to vanish quickly thanks to the grooves that most models have at the base. Additionally, some wooden and bamboo stands also include fans.

What is laptop arm stands?

The arm supports for laptops are accessories that must be attached to the desk: they normally have two arms, one with a tray to place the laptop at eye level of the user, and the other to attach an auxiliary monitor in case you want to use the device as a desktop PC.

This type of laptop stands is easy to install and offers good stability thanks to their fastening system. Another advantage is the mobility of the arms, which allows you to easily adjust the distance of the monitor or laptop. Most models also allow you to hide the cables inside them.

Purchase criteria

Today, there is such a wide range of PC supports that it is difficult to choose the most suitable for our needs; moreover, the characteristics of the computer will greatly influence the choice. Below is a series of simple tips that will be very useful when you have to go and choose a base for your laptop.

  • Inch size of the laptop
  • Type of use of the laptop
  • Cooling bases, the best option for gamers
  • Consider buying an external mouse and keyboard

Inch size of the laptop

Before buying a laptop stand, check that it is compatible with the size of the object: if you buy one that is too small you risk that it will not be able to support the weight of the computer, which could therefore fall; However, keep in mind that the larger the computer, the more chances there are that the base will wobble.

Virtually all laptop bases are designed to easily withstand computers up to 15 ″, which is the standard screen size. However, if your pc is 16 or 18 inches, you need to be sure that the base you buy is compatible; for these dimensions, one-piece metal bases are the most recommended.

Type of use of the laptop

The type of use you make of your computer will also outline the type of base you will choose: if you use your laptop in your spare time, the supports that go on your stomach while you are lying down are perfect. In this case, the cooling will not be a problem, because you will be using the computer for a short time.

On the other hand, if you use the laptop for work, it is best to choose a height-adjustable stand. That way, long hours of work in front of the monitor won’t take a toll on your health. Besides, the computer will not be fatigued, because these bases can disperse heat better than the ones we talked about earlier.

Cooling bases, the best option for gamers

Today, laptops have very efficient and quiet cooling systems; however, when the ambient temperature is high or the PC is used intensively, the heat it emits can be excessive and can even damage its components. Cooling beds are the perfect solution to this problem.

If you use your computer for gaming, we recommend that you choose a base with a cooling system to extend the life of your computer. Likewise, if you routinely work with editing software or graphic design programs, cooling basics should be your first option.

Consider buying an external mouse and keyboard

Even if you are used to working with a laptop keyboard, if you put your computer on a stand, you will probably have to buy a wireless mouse and keyboard. Many laptop stands (the adjustable ones) lift the object 5-15 cm, and its keyboard is difficult to use.

Other models, on the other hand, do not require the purchase of any accessories: this is the case of the supports designed for the bed or the sofa, which have a low angle of inclination. In these cases, our hands can rest on the laptop, avoiding adopting forced postures that can cause us pain.


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