The Best Meat Grinder on the market: our selection

By | Oktober 29, 2021

Are you tired of over-processed foods? Has checking the quality of the food you eat has become a daily habit? Very understandable. In fact, more and more people are trying to improve their lifestyle and start with nutrition. If this is your case too, listen carefully to what I tell you: you need a meat grinder.

The Best Meat Grinder on the market: our selection

Why? Very simple. The ground beef you buy at the supermarket will never be of the same quality as the one you make yourself at home. And if making it is that simple, isn’t it silly not to? Quiet, we know that you probably have some doubts, but in this guide we will solve them all. Let’s start!.

  • It is increasingly common to find meat grinders in homes. And it is not surprising, because it is a very practical appliance that also helps to improve the diet.
  • With a meat grinder, you can prepare minced meat quickly and easily. This way, you can be sure that you are consuming quality meat, without additives, preservatives or extra fats.
  • Choosing the meat grinder that best suits your needs is not an easy task. Therefore, the ideal is to take into account aspects such as the use you will make of it, functionality, power or quality. You will then be able to make the best decision.

The rise of the meat grinders has caused a real revolution. In recent times, on the market, it is possible to find a large variety of different models, which complicates the choice when buying. We have therefore decided to start this guide by offering you some advice. Check!

  • The most affordable electric meat grinder
  • The best manual meat grinder
  • The best meat grinder for value for money
  • The best professional meat grinder

The most affordable electric meat grinder

The Netsling MGB-120 is a compact and well-equipped 400 W meat grinder, suitable for the most common situations, and characterized by a very affordable price and good overall quality. 3 meat grinding plates are included: 7mm, 5mm and 3mm.

It also includes a sausage funnel and a kubbe funnel. If there is a jam, the rotation can be reversed. It is also available in three colors.

The best manual meat grinder

The Tre Spade TC-8 is the best-reviewed manual meat grinder by buyers, who rate it as robust and easy to clean, the best in its class. The body is made of stainless steel, with a total weight of approximately 2.7 kg.

It is equipped with a grinding plate with 6 mm holes, while for fixing on the bench it has a clamp.

The best meat grinder for value for money

The Duetto Plus produced by RGV is a complete and well-made electric meat grinder, much appreciated by users. It is equipped with a 500 W two-way rotation motor, and 3, 5 and 7 mm dies for meat grinding are included.

It includes a large number of accessories that make it a useful and versatile product, suitable for the preparation of sausages, kubbe, jams, purées, preserves, fruit jellies and more.

The best professional meat grinder

The GIEVO meat mincer is a professional product made entirely of stainless steel, intended for those who need reliability and efficiency, being able to process up to 204 kg of meat per hour. Equipped with a powerful 1100 W (1.5 hp) motor, capable of spinning the blade at 220 revolutions per minute.

Included are a plastic accessory to push the meat, a steel tray for the meat, a plate of 6 mm and one of 8 mm.

Despite the great success that meat grinders are enjoying today, you may still have some unanswered questions in your head. Since our goal is to inform you as well as possible, we have prepared a series of answers that will surely be useful to you.

What are the advantages of having a meat grinder at home?

Well, it now seems clear that the specific design of the meat grinders is a big advantage over other similar appliances. However, in addition to this, having a meat grinder will help you because:

  • It allows you to know the quality of the meat you consume and avoid preservatives and other artificial additives that can be found in already processed products 1 ) .
  • With a meat grinder, you can mix various types of meat to obtain delicious and original recipes.
  • You can choose the thickness of the ground beef, as it includes different sized discs.
  • It has accessories for preparing sausages and sausages.
  • It allows you to significantly save compared to the normal purchase of packaged minced meat.

What types of meat grinders are there?

As with almost all appliances currently in existence, the first classification will be based on the operation:

  • Manual meat mincer: the most classic. It is equipped with a meat press and a crank handle and does not need electricity to operate. You simply have to hook the mincer firmly to a stable surface and turn the crank.
  • Electric meat grinder: very practical, since it does the whole engine. It is larger in size than the previous one, but it is more efficient and requires no effort on your part.

In addition to these two main types, it is also important to mention the so-called coupling meat mincers. In this case, more than a real meat grinder, it is an accessory to be added to other appliances such as food processors or blenders. And it can be very useful.

Is it easy to use a meat grinder?

The answer is yes. In fact, the simple operation of meat mincers is one of the main reasons that are causing this boom in the demand for these devices. And, although the basic usage mode is very similar in all models, it is still advisable to make some distinctions:

Manual meat mincer

  1. Make sure the mincer is firmly attached to a stable surface
  2. Gradually add the meat to the inlet chute
  3. Turn the crank
  4. Collect the ground beef from the output tray

Electric meat grinder

  1. Plug in and turn on the mincer
  2. Add the meat to the top bowl and run the machine with the correct configuration
  3. Wait for the meat grinder to do its job
  4. You can continue adding meat according to your needs
  5. Collect the ground beef from the output tray

Coupling meat mincer

  1. Make sure the accessory is securely attached to the device
  2. Operate the device (blender, mixer, food processor, for example)
  3. Collect the minced meat according to the device to which you attached the coupling mincer

Don’t forget that these are general usage guidelines. To make proper and safe use of meat mincers, it is more than advisable to carefully read and follow the steps indicated by the manufacturer.

How do you clean a meat grinder?

If the operation of the meat grinders seemed simple to you, cleaning will seem even more so. You will only need water and the detergent you usually use for washing dishes. And, as for the operation, also in this case you have to take into account some differences according to the type of meat grinder:

  • Manual meat mincer: All parts can be washed with water and detergent. Some models are more demountable than others, so cleaning will be easier.
  • Electric Meat Grinder: Usually, this includes a function which, when activated, will automatically clean the inside of the machine. Then all possible parts are disassembled and washed with water and detergent.
  • Coupling mincer: Some models are more demountable than others, so cleaning will be easier.

Any advice to make the most of my meat grinder?

Of course, that’s what we’re here for! Even if the meat grinder is one of the most practical and functional appliances, it is always possible to put into practice some precautions to help you make the most of it. Take note!

  1. When using the meat grinder, the meat must be very cold to ensure the best results. In addition, many specialists recommend that you cool the mincer well by putting it in the freezer an hour before using it (the motor of electric ones, no).
  2. For the preparation of sausages or sausages, in addition to using the disc with the smallest holes, it is advisable to mince the meat twice. This way, it will be more ground and have a better texture.
  3. Keeping the blades sharp is key, as they do all the work.
  4. Always clean the mincer after each use. Also, to increase its useful life, you need to do a thorough cleaning from time to time.

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