The Best Mouse Pad For mac and Windows 2022: Review Buying Guide

By | November 19, 2021

The mouse pad today is no longer that simple accessory that is little considered. New technologies advance so fast that every year the mice, still widely used, improve their performance. This also applies to the mouse pad, which is an important accessory, especially in the world of video games, for designers and those in other professions.

The mouse pad also called Mouse Pad, adapts to the times, to increase the comfort of users who work all day in front of a screen, for example, architects, but also for gamers, that is, those who love to have fun with games. online. That’s why it still makes sense to buy one, and that’s why we’ve created this guide.

The most important things in a nutshell

  • The Mouse Pad or mouse pad is nothing more than support where you can place the mouse to optimize its movements.
  • Formerly designed for ball mice, the rapid growth of the world of video games has changed the landscape, with the creation of gaming mats, designed to improve the performance of gamers.
  • Some professions also require special mats to avoid health problems due to constant use of the mouse during the day, for example, graphic designers or architects.
  • The materials used to make the Mouse Pads are important because they affect the speed and agility of the mouse movements.
  • A good mouse pad is essential for a gamer, but it must be paired with a quality mouse. The same goes for the mouse: as good as it is, it will need a good mouse pad.

Our selection of the best mouse pads on the market

In the world of video games, the use of a good mouse pad is essential to increase speed, but also to avoid excessive strain on the wrist, which tends to be injured in the most sedentary workers. In the following ranking, we will show you our selection of mats, chosen among those with the best quality-price ratio. Let’s begin!

  • AmazonBasics
  • Cmhoo
  • TeckNet


Synonymous with warranty for a few years like all Amazon-branded products. Able to offer fast and smooth scrolling. The stable and rubberized base allows a good adherence of the mat to the desk. Fully produced jersey surface, which makes operations smooth. Available only in the black version.

Variable sizes in XXL, extended, mini, and standard. The mat is liked for its quality/price ratio. Wear is noticeable after at least two years with continuous use. The fabric makes dirt invisible. It is recommended for both professionals and gaming.


Large gaming mat. A surface of 900mm x 400mm x 2mm offers a wide base for playing and more. Rough edges with anti-fraying seams ensure the possibility of use for long hours. Rubber base for added grip and stability. Great pointing accuracy thanks to the smooth surface. Machine washable.

Gaming mat that enjoys great reviews. Many emphasize a strong smell of plastic upon opening. Let it “breathe” for a few hours to eliminate it. Large surface appreciated for having more field of action. Excellent value for money. The water-repellent quality is much appreciated.


Ergonomic mouse pad from TeckNet. Available in three different colors: purple, blue, and black. Completely waterproof. It comes with a gel-filled wrist rest to facilitate intense play and work sessions. Dimensions 23.5 x 19.5 x 2 cm for a total weight of 181 grams. Non-slip rubber base for added stability.

Excellent quality/price ratio, the reviews particularly appreciate the design, but also for its effectiveness, especially in case of wrist pain. Some users report that it does not work with optical mice. Easily washable.


The Aukey mat is very large (900mm x400mm x4mm) and in fact, allows you to support both mouse and keyboard. Good quality rubber base which makes it stable on the desk. Braided edge to avoid skin irritation. Smooth and light surface. It guarantees total control and fluidity of movements. Precise interaction with optical sensor mouse. 100% waterproof.

Even those who have reviewed it after more than a year of use are satisfied with this Aukey mat. Many point to a plastic smell that easily goes away by exposing it to the air for a couple of hours. Particularly appreciated by “gamers” for its stability and large size. Great quality/price ratio.


Ergonomic mat. Designed for both home and professional use. Particularly suitable for intense sessions. Equipped with wrist rest with Gel filling. Dimensions 19 cm x 23 cm. Non-slip rubber base. Available in matte black only. Total product weight 159 grams.

According to reviews, this ergonomic mat exactly reflects the supplier’s description. Its ergonomics are particularly appreciated, even if you have to get used to it. After a couple of hours of use, the benefits will not belong in coming. For many, it is a “tendonitis saver”.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about mouse pads

Do you remember the old mouse pads? The current ones are very different from the classic models, generally square and no more than 20 cm large. Currently, models designed for play and some office jobs have larger dimensions and are ergonomic. Check out the most frequently asked questions from users to learn more.

What exactly is a mouse pad?

Mouse Pad, also known as a mouse pad, is a stand or surface on which the computer mouse rests. Its purpose is to optimize the movements of the mouse and therefore of the pointer on the screen. Sports played online (e-Sports) has renewed the importance of this tool, thanks to gamers.

What other names is the mouse pad called?

As previously mentioned, the mouse pad is nothing more than a support to move the pointer, but the new generations, especially if video game lovers and more comfortable with English, prefer to call it in English, mouse pad or simply Pad, while traditionally in Italy it is called a mouse or computer mat.

Is it really necessary to have a mouse pad?

It depends on the activity you are doing on your computer. There are people so used to the touchpad (the sensor included in a laptop) that they don’t use the mouse. On the other hand, some gamers use the desk surface directly, and they don’t want to know anything about this accessory, although the undeniable advantages it presents.

What are the benefits of using a mouse pad?

While it doesn’t seem like an important accessory, for those who work in front of a computer it is. A proper mouse pad can avoid serious problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other hand conditions. On the other hand, players agree that a good playmat is a key to success in the game. Let’s see its advantages:

  • Agility: They simplify the scrolling of the mouse, and therefore also of the pointer on the screen.
  • Grip: Optimize grip and more precision in mouse movements on the surface.
  • Eliminate dust: Typical mats made of polyester (plastic) are suitable for optical mice and for capturing dust on the work surface.
  • Joint rest: The mats with gel support are perfect for resting the neck and back, even if they must be used to rest and not to work many hours at a time.
  • Designed for gamers: the Mouse Pad created for online game players is larger, to facilitate the realization of large movements during games.
  • Less Power Consumption: Due to the larger size, the game-specific mouse pad does not consume the mouse excessively.

Do you need a large mouse pad for office work?

No, although the innovations introduced into the market due to online games are also used in many professional situations, especially when long hours of work in front of the computer are required. In-office work, the keyboard is used as the main tool, so the mouse takes a back seat.

Why is a mouse pad important to a gamer?

Because it increases control and speed in the game, but a good mouse pad won’t help you win a competition unless it’s accompanied by a good mouse. The mouse you are using must have a high degree of sensitivity, which is measured by the DPI speed (dots per inch, or Dots per Inch, in English).

The higher the DPI figure, the fewer movements you need to make to move around the screen. Also, when you buy a mouse, you need to consider the response time as well as the functions and weight of the peripheral.

Is it worth buying a Gaming Mouse Pad?

Yes, it’s worth it, because you definitely won’t regret buying it.

Even if over the years the mice have become more and more technological, passing from the versions equipped with the ball to the optical and laser mice (more expensive and perfect to be used on glass surfaces), and with products designed for the world of video games, they will do little. difference without a good mouse pad.

They are mouse pads specially designed for gamers, so they improve mouse response. It is also important that the Mouse Pad is large, sturdy, and comfortable so that the movement of the mouse is smooth and fast. Without a doubt, it is a necessary and complementary tool for any good mouse.

What kind of maintenance does the mouse pad require?

It’s one thing to clean a mousepad, another to take care of it so it will last. We refer to its periodic or regular maintenance. Therefore, we offer you a list of tips that you should follow before proceeding to clean your mouse pad :

  • Clean your mouse frequently: Dirt tends to accumulate at the bottom, which then ends up on the pad.
  • Wash your hands before using the mouse: It is a matter of logic because the bacteria collected in all the places touched proliferate in the hands.
  • Food and drink away from the Mouse Pad: If you eat on the mouse pad, even if you clean it up, crumbs can accumulate that can slow the mouse down. On the other hand, drinks are also a great danger. If the liquid is spilled, moisture should be removed immediately using paper towels or a cloth.

Purchase criteria

If you are convinced to buy a mouse pad, it is important to pay attention to some criteria before spending any money. If you are an expert in online video games, you already know how a good surface can make the difference between winning a challenge or not. The aspects to be analyzed are the following:

  • What kind of use do you need it for?
  • Surface
  • Material
  • Measure
  • The thickness of the mouse pad

What kind of use do you need it for?

As mentioned above, you won’t need the same mouse pad if you work in an office or if you are a professional gamer. In the first case, you may need a mat with a gel pad to rest your wrist, especially if you spend many hours in front of the screen, but if you are into gaming you will want to get the most out of it.

If online competition is your business, we recommend that you buy the best gaming mouse and excellent mouse pad, which usually requires more money, but is also worth it. Gamers need large mats with a high-quality surface. Keep this in mind if you are a potential champion.


As you have seen in this guide, the surface of a good mouse pad is crucial for those who play online. According to experts, the surface should not have very bright designs, to prevent the optical mouse from having trouble functioning, resulting in erratic movements. Therefore, avoid a highly reflective surface.


The materials of the mouse pad must be suitable for the type of mouse used, whether you are using it for work or for playing online. Control and fluidity of movement are key elements for players, so you should prefer aluminum or crystal malts, but also good quality versions made of canvas.


The size of the mouse pad is crucial for a gamer because it allows the mouse to move across the entire desktop. Speed ​​in electronic games is everything, so it’s important to have a large mouse pad, but it can also be useful if you’re a draftsman, graphic designer, or architect, among other things.

The thickness of the mouse pad

Your mouse pad must have a thickness suitable to correct possible imperfections and irregularities of the work table. So, if you are a gamer, even a beginner, you should consider buying a model that is at least 2mm thick to have a hard and smooth surface. Professional gamers usually buy 5mm models.


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