The Best Sound Card (External or Internal) of 2022

By | November 16, 2021

The Best Sound Card (External or Internal) of 2021

1. Focusrite Scarlett 2I2 – The best ever


Type of sound card: external

Are you looking for professional support to record a new guitar piece at home? Do you want the best product available for a perfect qualitative yield? In this case, our advice can only fall on the Focusrite Scarlett 2I2, which represents the best sound card of 2021.

Equipped with two inputs, combined with the 48V Phantom preamplifiers of Scarlett proprietary technology, the board supports any type of instrument. This allows you to record even with very powerful pickup guitars. The input sound, whose frequencies can be sampled up to 192 KHz, can be adjusted both in volume and in gain.

You can make these adjustments using knobs, one for the volume, which controls the entire input and two for the gain, which control each input line individually. You can also listen live via the headphone output or adjust it via a professional monitor. In fact, you can connect your device to an audio monitor using the two ¼ ”outputs on the back.

Finally, you can connect your card to a PC, Mac or Windows, using the USB power cable, so you can take advantage of the recording programs that are offered free of charge with your order.

2. Focusrite Scarlett Solo – Best value for money


Type of sound card: external

If you want to buy a product that provides you with high audio quality and numerous features, at an affordable price, we have undoubtedly what is right for you. The Focusrite Scarlett Solo constitutes, in our opinion, the perfect sound card for its 2021 value for money.

The Scarlett Solo, younger sister of the Scarlett 2I2, has smaller dimensions than the latter, so as to make it extremely portable and useful for recording your voice or your music at any time. single instrument input, both preamplified to 48V using Scarlett proprietary technology, is perfect for any instrument.

You can therefore record the instrumental part and your voice at the same time, on two separate tracks, and then be able to modify them individually at a later time.The input sound can be adjusted both in volume, using the large knob, and in gain, using the small knobs , which control each input individually. You can also listen to the result of your changes live, via the headphone jack on the front.

On the rear side you will find instead two outputs to connect your device to monitors and a USB input for power supply. Also through the USB input, by connecting the device to the PC, you can take advantage of the premium recording programs that will be provided with your order.

So don’t lose sight of the Focusrite Scarlett solo sound card, perfect for both home recording and recording away from home!

3. Creative Sound Blaster Z – Best internal sound card


Type of sound card: internal

Are you building your dream computer and looking for the perfect internal sound card to ensure unmatched quality? If so, we have the perfect product for you, the best Creative Sound Blaster Z internal sound card of 2021.

This card, equipped with a PCI Express port connector, is compatible with all motherboards, for gaming and not, in circulation on the market. The quality sound will be ensured by the SoundCore 3D processor, specially designed to accelerate sound and vocal qualities, thanks to its quad-core technology.

Applied to the hardware, you will then find Creative’s proprietary software, SBX Pro Studio, which ensures levels of realism never achieved before and a very high sound immersion, thanks to 5.1 and 7.1 support.

In addition, when you purchase the product, you will receive the Audio Control Module with your order. In it you will find both a professional headphone amplifier, up to 600 ohm impedance, and a multidirectional double condenser microphone, perfect for having hands-free conversations. In addition, you can connect up to two pairs of headphones to the ACM.

4. Behringer UMC204HD – Scary multifunctional


Type of sound card: external

Are you an audiophile looking for the perfect external card to display in your studio, but which has all the features of the best external sound cards on the market? If so, we have the perfect product for you, the Behringer UMC204HD!

Your audio quality will be ensured by a complete sampling at 192 KHz, by an almost zero latency, by the maximum resolution of 24 bit and by the possibility to adjust the gain and the volume live. You can take advantage of the huge library of plug-ins and digital effects included with the product, thanks to the USB port on the back, which will allow you to connect the card to your computer.

You can use any type of microphone or musical instrument thanks to the numerous input channels placed on the board. In fact, you will find, on the front side, two “universal” inputs, preamplified at 48V by Midas preamplifiers and on the back there are 2 MIDI channels, IN and OUT.

Also on the back there are also 4 playback outputs and 2 output channels of ¼ “to allow you to connect the product to a professional monitor. This fantastic product, with a rectangular shape with rounded corners and an anthracite black color, adapts perfectly to any of your setups .

5. Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 – Best budget option


Type of sound card: external

Do you think it is impossible to find a product on the market that can offer you excellent features at the lowest possible price? Well, we must deny you, it exists and has a name: Behringer U-PHORIA UM2, the external sound card that is the best economic option on the market in 2021.

Younger sister of the Behringer UMC204HD, the product has small dimensions, while maintaining the elegant design, thus making it perfect for any of your setups and to be carried around. You can connect to this card, at the same time, a musical instrument and a microphone, thanks to the instrumental input and the 48V preamplified “universal” input with the XENYX system, like the professional ones.

You can adjust the input sound with the knobs on the top of the device, which control the microphone gain, the instrumental gain and the output volume. To listen to your changes live, you can then take advantage of the headphone input, with a size of ¼ ”, located on the front. On the back there are two output channels to connect the device to a professional monitor and a USB port.

Given its excellent workmanship, numerous features and audio quality almost on par with its professional counterparts, the Behringer U-PHORIA UM2 card is without doubt the best budget option on the market. Remember her!

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