The Best Top 5 Graphics Cards for 4K Video Editing and Rendering

By | November 17, 2021

1. Gigabyte GTX 1060 Windforce – Our recommendation

Gigabyte GTX 1060 Windforce

Memory type: GDDR5
Frequency: 1556 MHz

Are you looking for the best video card of 2021 that will provide you with the best quality performance without breaking the bank? We recommend this model!

The GTX 1060 Windforce video card is Gigabyte’s version of the Nvidia graphics card. The 1060 is truly powerful, perfect for PC gaming and video editing, providing you with a professional performance from all points of view.

This video card, in fact, is able to support a resolution up to 4K, thanks to its 3 GB of integrated GDDR5 ram. Its clock frequency starts at 1556 MHz, but with a simple click you can overclock it to achieve better performance.

The heat dissipation system of this Gigabyte video card is among the best on the market, always guaranteeing you adequate airflow, avoiding overheating. The quality of the materials and its design make it among the favorites to be the best video card. And you won’t have to spend too much either!


2. Asus GeForce ROG Strix GTX 1060 – Top of the range

Asus GeForce ROG Strix GTX 1060

Memory type: DDR3
Frequency: 1506 MHz

This product for us is an absolute top of the range, and is at the top of the ranking as the best video card of 2021.

The Strix GTX 1060 is the version of the Nvidia graphics card produced by Asus, a brand that has always been able to produce the best video cards. And even this time, it does not disappoint expectations. This video card is capable of stellar graphics performance, perfect for PC gaming and photo and video editing with Photoshop. You will find few video cards that can hold their own!

Its integrated RAM has 6 GB of DDR3 memory, which will allow you to run any game and application that requires the best performance from your video card. In addition, its clock speed reaches a frequency of 1506 MHz, one of the best on the current market.

And if you really want the absolute top, you can buy the factory overclocked version, with which your video card will reach an even better clock frequency: 1873 MHz! Despite its better performance, you will still have a quiet video card with perfect heat dissipation, thanks to Asus’ DirectCU III!

Its compatibility with NVIDIA programs (and not only) for streaming will allow you to play by sharing your experience with the whole world. Thanks to Xsplit Gamecaster, for example, you will have the possibility to configure your video card in the best way.


3. MSI GeForce GTX 1050Ti Gaming X – Excellent heat dissipation

MSI GeForce GTX 1050Ti Gaming X

Memory type: GDDR5
Frequency: 1303 MHz

If you are always very worried about heat dissipation and want a video card with a great cooling system, here is which one to choose.

The GTX 1050Ti Gaming X is a graphics card manufactured by MSI, one of the best companies in the industry. Its design is full of very eye-catching red notes, and features two powerful TORX 2.0 fans. This system generates a considerable air pressure, which works together with the heatsink to allow high performance without heating too much.

The heatsink of this video card uses the latest generation Airflow Control, ensuring the best performance for you. Another feature of this video card is therefore the graphics performance, thanks to its very fast 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM. You will have no problems in any activity carried out with your desktop PC, from gaming to professional video rendering.


4. Asus GeForce STRIX GTX 1050Ti – Customizable Overclocking

Asus GeForce STRIX GTX 1050Ti

Memory type: GDDR5
Frequency: 1379 MHz

Are you looking for a video card with perfect performance and with customizable overclocking?

The 1050Ti Strix produced by Asus, a fantastic brand in the industry, will be able to provide you with stellar performance in comparison to many competing video cards. Whether you’re into photo and video editing, or gaming is your favorite hobby, this video card will be a fantastic choice.

This video card is really powerful, thanks to its 4 GB of DDR5 RAM and its clock frequency of 1379 MHz. You will be able to play with the graphics set at the highest possible level, without any frame rate problems on your display. Furthermore, the Strix 1050Ti is one of the most feature-packed graphics cards supplied.

For example, for better cooling, you will have the DirectCu II system, designed by this brand to make the performance of the video card even better. Furthermore, thanks to the software, you can set the overclock according to your needs. You will reach a more powerful frequency of 1506 MHz for spectacular 1080p graphics.


5. MSI GeForce GT710 – Best budget option

MSI GeForce GT710

RAM: 2GB Memory
type: DDR3
Frequency: 954 MHz

Don’t want the most powerful video card, but the best budget model you can find? Then read this review carefully.

The GeForce GT710 video card produced by MSI is perfect if you are looking for a cheap card for your PC, or to revive an old preassembled. Its 2GB of DDR3 memory is great for running games from a few years ago with average graphics.

Its cooling system has been designed to guarantee you a better heat dissipation, without producing excessive noise. Thanks to it, you can use your computer to read multimedia editing and gaming activities, without aiming for top-level graphics.

The low-profile design of this budget video card features a very compact size, which is also suitable for pre-assembled homes with very little space. Furthermore, its compatibility is made better by the presence of two outputs, one DVI-D and one HDMI.

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