The most worthwhile internet plan I have ever subscribed to

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Greetings, guys.

As a Malaysian, as usual, I have to look for a cheap wifi internet plan to subscribe to in order to cut expenses like everyone else. I just saw that there is a digi pan for RM 110 40gb per month. It seems like it’s worth it.. But one thing that I don’t quite understand with this telco is why the telco always wants to separate the weekend quota from the weekday quota. If it’s like this digi, he gives 20gb for weekdays and 20gb on weekends, I’m not mistaken. It’s not like Celcom likes to do this.

So, as usual, I still use Umobile because I think it’s the most worthwhile for me now. At the rental house I’m sitting in, I started wanting to subscribe to unifi, but when I saw how expensive it was, I didn’t want to subscribe. After that, use the Umobile P98. This is one of the best packages for me if your place is Umbolie line ok….

RM98 a month get 30gb (anytime) and unlimited video streaming Youtube, facebook, iflix, and more….

Because I live in the same house with many people, so share and pay for this P98 for wifi. We put a sim on a clone phone and make a hotspot using that thing. Seriously the best baby! I think every day I open youtube, watch movies from fb, stream football from the fb page and don’t worry about the quota anymore… Everything is unlimited.

If I want to watch a new movie, I just stream YouTube and Facebook. Seriously, it’s best to use the internet like this. Save even save. There is no song on my phone right now. If you want to open a song, just open YouTube. Can watch music videos directly. Haha.. If I want to watch a lot of TV, everything is still streaming. Astro is not working at my rental house. But I didn’t even subscribe. Haha…

So for now, for me, it’s the best way to use umobile p98 for wifi. If you have a place where the line is ok, you can try it yourself. If I used to worry about opening the video, but now most of the time I just open the video because I know that there is no direct quota effect. The quota only decreases if you open websites other than YouTube, Tonton, Iflix, and Facebook only.

Ok, that’s all I want to tell you. I’m just talking about umobile.. I think I can be his promoter.. Fortunately, I don’t work for umobile. If not, I have already told about all types of packages in this blog. Haha..

Okay guys. The story is not the best either. Move first. Huhu.. 🙂 Greetings.

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