The Power of Solar Energy

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How straight forward is it to build your own home solar power systems? You would be most definitely amazed at just how easy to do and economical it can be. This is how it can be done.

Regardless if it’s solar cells or a solar hot water heater, it may be created far easier than you in all probability believe. Consider for example, the heating of a swimming pool. You can heat this by unfurling a long (the longer the better)length of tubing out in the sunlight, and slowly trickling cold water straight through into the pool.

You will be astonished at the boost in heat of the water coming out of the hosepipe. Depending on how big your pool is, the quantity of tubing and the outside temperature, this really does make a substantial difference in the pools overall temperature.

Without doubt, this is probably the simplest manner that you can think of, but it’s truly effective. Another way would be to utilize the pools own pump to circulate the water through the hose. You will soon get to know the best method, but the generally accepted best way is that extra water flowing and heating up less is superior than the water flowing at a slower rate but with the time to warm up more.

Naturally, the fixed rule is that the longer tubing you can use the better. This is because there’s a lot more surface area for the suns rays to do it’s business. This is extra fundamental on overcast days. Assuming you have a good length of hose (ultra violet treated piping is best), even gray weather will create fantastic temperature increases in the flowing water. This couldn’t be more easy.

Of course, this is the easiest system of using the sun to give usable energy. There exist a tremendous range of differing ways that can be used to give free energy from the sun, whether it’s water heating systems, or forming your own home solar power systems.

As for cost, homemade units can be put together for much less than you can imagine. In the example before, the price of a hose pipe will make a simple system. More substantial, good solar panels used to generate electricity can be built for less than $200!

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