Oust T120 (2021) Thrill Mountain Bike Specifications and Reviews

By | Maret 22, 2021

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The 2020 Thrill Oust T120 is Thrill’s latest full suspension mountain bike edition. The previous edition was the Thrill Oust which was made in 2018. Thrill Oust bikes are a popular full-suspension mountain bike brand because they are cheap, and flexible to be upgraded.

Thrill Oust is used by beginner mountain bikers or those who are willing to spend a little on a budget. For the full-suspension bike category, above Thrill Oust, there is a Fervent Thrill for intermediate levels and a Ricochet Thrill for an advanced level.

Thrill now uses the names T120, T140, etc. on its bicycle models. T120 means a bicycle with a 120mm rtavel suspension. For this latest version, Thrill has 7 variants for the Thrill Oust T120, the difference is more in the components used, and all of them use the same type of frame.

Oust T120 (2021) Thrill Mountain Bike Specifications and Reviews

Oust T120 (2021) Thrill Mountain Bike Specifications and Reviews

Oust T120 (2021) Thrill Mountain Bike Specifications and Reviews

Bike frame

The Thrill Oust T120 bike frame gets a total change from the previous version. The most obvious form is that the Oust T120 frame has a more upward chainring position, or what is called an elevated chainstay. Not many bikes today use this high chainstay system.

Unlike the previous elevated chainring frame, on this Thrill Oust T120 frame, the left and right chainstays are not parallel. The left chainstay looks up more, while the right one is flatter, to help strengthen the frame structure and keep the bottom bracket more stable.

This elevated chainstay will eliminate the chain slap, or the chain hitting the frame when cycling on bumpy roads, including wide space for wider use of tires.

The full suspension frame uses a simple but effective single pivot system. The shape of the X tube in front of the sat tube does make the bike heavier (around 17 kg), but it should make the bike frame structure stronger and stiffer.


All OustT120 bikes share the same suspension fork, the ZOOM 595D-AMS MLO with 120mm travel. This travel fork can be locked to activate or deactivate the suspension when playing on a flat or asphalt road. Includes preload control, to adjust the hardness of the spring coil in this suspension.

Shock or rear suspension using the KS-260 with strength per 750lbs / in. This suspension functions as the specification and feels responsive. There is nothing special about this shock, we can replace it with another suspension (either per or air/water) as long as it has an eye to eye (E-E) 190mm.


For Thrill Oust T120 3.5 and 3.0 which use 7 speed, use the freewheel system. As for the other versions using FreeHub. This can also be a consideration because upgrading freewheel to 8-9 speed usually has to change the hub to freehub as well.

Just like triple chainring bikes in general, the cassettes use a relatively small size, namely 28T and 32T, for the elite double chainring version use an 11-34T cassette.

The crank uses a box bottom bracket, not Hollowtech II. With a triple chainring size of 22/32/42, this drivetrain can enter light offroad areas, getting speed and ease of climbing at once.


The choice of hydraulic brakes is only available on the Oust T120 1.5 and above, the rest uses mechanical brakes (Bowen cable). The rotor/disc used is large, 160mm. Hydraulic brakes use Shimano MT-200 or Tektro HD-M275, while mechanical brakes use the Radius brand.


Thrill Oust T120 uses a wide, 750mm handlebar. This wide handlebar is paired with a fairly short stem (60mm), which keeps the hands fairly close. The handlebar features a backsweep, aka slightly curved, which we can rotate to position the handlebars closer to or higher.

Saddle and seat post

The Oust T120 saddles all use the Thrill XC Race brand saddle, which is quite wide and soft. The Seatpost uses a diameter of 30.9mm with a length of 350mm to adjust the height of the bicycle seat.

Wheels and Tires

There are no 29 ”wheels in the Thrill Oust series, all of them sporting double wall 27.5 wheels. Except for the Oust Elite T120 which uses Kenda Slant Six tires measuring 27.5 × 2.2 “, other types use tires from Thrill / Deli with a tire width of 2.10”. There is still more room if we want to use wider tires on this bike. The 32-hole wheel hub uses the QR system, with a width of 135mm at the back and 100mm at the front.

Conclusion Oust T120 Thrill Review

With the drivetrain and suspension system components used, the Thrill Oust T120 2021 is suitable for Cross Country (XC) and maybe trail activities on light offroad terrain. With the combination of chainring and sprockets, the gear ratio of this bicycle makes it easier for us to get high acceleration and speed, faster than a single chainring MTB bike in general that uses a 32 chainring with a 10 or 11T sprocket.

For those who later want to upgrade the Thrill Oust T120 to a single chainring, you should also upgrade to a larger cassette. Because with this relatively small cassette/sprocket, it will be especially difficult to climb. And the freehub hub installed on this bike supports up to 10/11 speeds.

The incline will still feel light thanks to the 22T chainring. Only indeed the double suspension will drain more energy. It will be more effective on relatively flat offshore roads without much climbing.

The suspension system is sufficient for light offoading, although it might feel louder and more responsive than other XC bikes. We can upgrade to air suspension for more comfortable and efficient damping, currently, the price of the standard air suspension is around 1.2 to 1.5 million. But I didn’t know that this frame was still strong enough to be paired with a suspension with travel greater than 120mm.

In the full suspension MTB class, the price of the Oust T120 2021 bike is among the cheapest. We can save a lot of money, can be used for other bicycle accessories (lights, helmets, pedals).

This Thrill Oust T120 bike is not effective for asphalt roads. This bike is suitable for beginner offroad cyclists, who want to feel the sensation of a full-suspension bike. For higher performance, we only need to upgrade components as needed.

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