Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Work Chair: Increase Productivity

By | April 14, 2021
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By choosing a comfortable work chair you can focus more and increase work productivity. Check out tips for choosing the right work chair!

Working in the office or at home certainly requires comfort. One of the ways to increase comfort at work is the right sitting position and work chair.

how to choose office chair for home,office chair vs gaming chair,office chair tips,best office chairs 2020,what is a good office chair,should i get an office chair,buy an office chair,staples office chairs

how to choose office chair for home,office chair vs gaming chair,office chair tips,best office chairs 2020,what is a good office chair,should i get an office chair,buy an office chair,staples office chairs

The wrong choice of a work chair can also reduce productivity and also affect health. Work chairs are closely related to the health of our backs, maybe the effects are not felt at this time, but can be dangerous for the long term.

Choosing the wrong work chair can cause back pain, lumbago, to stiff shoulder muscles. With so many choices of work chairs today, you need to be more selective in choosing an office chair.

Tips for Choosing a Work Chair

The large selection of office chairs on the market makes you sometimes confused about which one is the best. Starting from the color variants, types, features, sizes, and others you can find. To help you choose the right office chair, here are tips on choosing a comfortable work chair for work!

1. Adjust the Chair to the Shape of the Spine

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the back or body support. Choosing a backrest with resilience is a tip for choosing the best office chair because it can be adjusted according to body posture and weight.

By using this office chair you can support and be more comfortable in positioning your back. That way, the back of the office chair will follow the shape of the spine.

Unlike the permanent back of the chair, you cannot follow the posture which makes you uncomfortable and tired quickly. When leaning, the spine will tend to curve and make you sore, tired and have the potential for deformities in the spine.

2. Pay attention to chair height

Besides, the height of the chair is also important to note. The height or the low of a chair affects comfort, productivity, and long-term health. It is recommended that you choose a work chair that can adjust the height and low of the chair so that the soles of your feet can comfortably tread on the floor.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to the position of your feet. The angle between the calf and thigh is recommended to be 90 ° or close to it so that your body weight does not only rest on the thighs and calves.

By sitting in that position it makes you more comfortable working. If you sit with your legs hanging down it can affect your entire posture, Toppers. The position of the hanging legs can prevent the blood from flowing properly, only concentrating on the body on the chair.

3. Choose an Office Chair with an Armrest

When sitting at a work desk, it is not only the health of the legs and back that needs attention. The health of the hands to the shoulders also needs to be considered, you know!

It is recommended that you choose an office work chair that has armrests and can also be adjusted high and low. You can use an office chair with an armrest feature as an armrest when your hands start to get tired and sore.

It is recommended that the forearm position is at an angle of 90 ° from the upper arm so that it is less tired and more comfortable. This also affects the comfort of the shoulders, which can reduce tension in the shoulder joints and neck.

4. Pay attention to the seat cushion

We recommend that when you are sitting as much as possible the position of the pelvis on the seat, and following the anatomical curves of the body. This is because if you want to work more productively, it is recommended that you choose soft seat cushions.

It’s a good idea to check and check the quality of the seat cushion first. Usually, the seat cushion consists of foam material, you can check whether the foam is hard or soft. If it is hard, it certainly makes sitting uncomfortable and it makes you sore quickly.

5. Choose a Work Chair with Wheeled Legs

For the convenience of working all day, choose an office chair with wheeled legs. Makes you more flexible when working as well as moving. Besides, your mobility in the workspace is also helped by the wheelchair office chair.

This one office chair design can make it easier for you to shift from one place to another in the same room. Don’t forget to choose a wheeled office chair that features high and low seat settings. This adds to your comfort at work and can also be adapted to an existing computer desk or work desk.

6. Match with the work desk

A design that matches the worktable also affects the working atmosphere in the room. When you want to buy an office chair, match it with your existing work desk. Starting from the model, color, and so on.

Before buying, first, measure the height of the tabletop from the floor. You also need to measure the height of your computer or laptop screen to match the chair you are going to buy. With a chair that fits your work table, it’s sure to make you more comfortable, Toppers!

7. Pay attention to the headrest seat feature

Not all work chairs have headrests, but this one needs to be considered! Without realizing it, the long time we work all day can also make the neck muscles feel stiff, for that you need a little relaxation. With a work chair that has a headrest, you can rest your muscles in the neck and head.

By resting the muscles for a while, it can make you fresher to start working again.

8. Warranty

When it comes to choosing and buying a product, the warranty also needs to be considered. Because the use of this office work chair is sure to be for the long term, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the warranty. A product with a warranty can also be a form of product that guarantees the durability and quality of the work chair chosen.

some tips that can be a reference in choosing the best work chair. Don’t get the wrong choice of office chair which has fatal consequences for your health. You can also customize various choices of work chairs according to the model, you know! Such as minimalist work chairs, vintage work chairs, and many more !.