Tips for Choosing a Laser Cutting Machine

By | Maret 15, 2021
Tips for Choosing a Laser Cutting Machine

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The following are tips for choosing the appropriate laser cutting machine, because there are many types, brands, and types available in the market, while not all types of machines are suitable for the work to be carried out because their functions and uses are also different. Previously, for the types and types that exist please read: laser cutting machines.

Tips for Choosing a Laser Cutting Machine

Tips for Choosing a Laser Cutting Machine

For those who have previously used this type of machine, maybe they already understand how to distinguish machines that have good quality work, or those that have stable performance, but for those who just want to buy, maybe they will be a little confused.

Beforehand, make sure the material to be worked on first, if you only work on non-metal materials such as acrylic, MDF, and the like, it is more appropriate to use a CO2 laser cutting machine, the power of the laser power and the size of the work area also varies.

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This type of CO2 laser cutting is more commonly used for working on non-metal materials, because if it is used to cut metal, the result will not be neat, and it needs to be finished again, although it can still be used to cut metal, it takes two times of finishing work.

In choosing a CO2 laser cutting machine, several things must be considered, including:

Laser power

For laser power, there are many types of options, ranging from 60 watts, 130 watts, up to 500 watts, the greater the power, the thicker the material that can be cut, for example, a machine with 130 watts of power can cut acrylic material that has a thickness of up to 2 cm.

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CO2 Laser tube, However, the greater the power of the laser cutting machine, the more expensive the price is, so it is necessary to pay attention to the use requirements of the material to be cut or worked on, to save on the purchase budget.

Cut area

The size of the cutting area of ​​the machine also affects the price, the larger the size of the cutting area, the greater the price, for own sizes on the market starting from 60 x 50 cm, 130 x 90 cm, up to 130 x 250 cm.

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The ones that are widely used based on our sales experience are those that have a work area of ​​130 x 90 cm, and 130 x 250 cm, but of course back again from the needs needed, whether they need large or small sizes.

Engine performance

Stable laser cutting machine performance is needed to streamline the work process because sometimes there are several brands of these machines that are prone to problems, the obstacles are usually unstable lasers, machines that are not maximal, or the results of the cutting are not precise.

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A strong physical machine can be one of the supporting factors for stable performance, especially with a longer engine life, then the spare parts contained in the machine are also one of the factors for performance when carrying out work processes.

Tips for choosing a laser cutting machine

Furthermore, for those who will only work on metal materials, it is more appropriate to use this type of fiber laser machine, this type is specifically only used to work on metal materials, examples of materials that can be cut include carbon steel, stainless, brass, aluminum, and others.

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Aluminum and brass can only be cut using certain types of fiber laser machines, while aluminum and carbon steel can use any fiber laser machine, but the weakness of this machine cannot be used to cut non-metal materials such as acrylic.

There are indeed types of CO2 laser cutting machines that can be used to cut metal and non-metal materials, but the quality of the cut is not as neat as the cut from a fiber laser machine, and it still needs more finishing to be smoother.

Existing laser cutting service providers, usually use non-metal CO2 types instead of metal-mixes. Because the selling price and function are more appropriate and more general in receiving services.

Choosing a fiber laser machine

There are also many types of fiber laser machines available, and not all of them have good performance and quality because unlike CO2 lasers, there are several factors that affect the machine.

In choosing this metal laser cutting machine, you need to pay attention apart from the cut results, also from the spare parts used, such as the motor used and the brand, then it can also be from the laser generator brand of the machine.

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Many factors need to be considered in order not to make the wrong choice, considering the price of this type of fiber laser cutting machine is quite high, and it would be better if you see directly from the machine demo.

so that the results and performance of these machines can be seen immediately.