Tips Or Strategies On How To Play Badminton

By | Maret 22, 2021
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What are good badminton game tactics? To understand this, in this article I will first explain the tactics of playing double badminton. You need to know badminton tips, which I mean are not just fixated on tactics, tactics are only one of the many tips that you can apply in the game of badminton so that you can easily beat your opponent.

Attacking position in badminton

Tips Or Strategies On How To Play Badminton

Tips Or Strategies On How To Play Badminton

Multiple games require teamwork, indeed doubles look easier than singles, but the reality is the same, each of them has its challenges as the game progresses. Because doubles play requires teamwork so common perceptions are important, I will give a real example later, now let’s understand the correct attacking position in badminton.

If you and your partner are in an attacking position, then you and your partner must stand face to back, pay attention to the picture above, meaning if you are in front of your friend behind, if you are behind then your friend must be in front. Why is that? To attack means to be more aggressive, one of the most lethal strikes is the smash.

I gave an example if the cock coming from the opponent bounces high back (clear, lob, or flick) and your position is easier to reach than your friend, then you fall back and are ready to smash, at the same time your friend advances to keep watch in the front position.

Now after you smash, there are several possible opponents, the opponent returns with a flick, this condition allows you to make another smash, the possibility of the two opponents returning with netting, keep in mind that netting when returning the smash is not too close to the net because the cock that comes is quite sharp and hard, so returning netting with a smash is similar to low service although it is shorter than low service because low service requires passing through the front line.

Well, if your opponent returns with netting, then your friend is ready to grab cock. The third possibility is that the opponent returns with the drive, if so then you and your friend should be both ready, there is a possibility that the drive is towards the back which means you have to reply, there is also a possibility that the drive is towards the middle or forwards which means your friend should be replying to it.

Read and learn more about attack strategies in badminton doubles. Then what if the opponent can continue to return, learn the following tips.

Don’t give your opponent a chance to attack

With ideal conditions and facts on the field, whoever attacks first has a greater chance of winning the match. The next badminton tip is not to allow the enemy to attack. This opportunity can be conditioned, namely by avoiding as much as possible the lob, flick, and clear bounce (because clear can also occur on the drive, not bouncing, which is important the position of the fall at the very back).

Because the shot that makes the cock bounce gives your opponent a chance to make a smash which means you are being attacked. So prioritize other types of badminton strokes such as smash, drop shots, netting, push, and drive. If you often watch doubles badminton matches, drive hits to dominate.

A bounce shot is only used when forced and there is no other choice, for example a cock falls on our court or can only be hit with a flick or lob.

Attacks don’t just come from smashes, if you’re not careful you can be caught off guard and your opponent makes an attack just by putting his cock on the ground that is unnoticed by your eyes. Take a look at the picture below:

Cock placement that is difficult for the opponent to return

These badminton tips are still rarely found for beginners, maybe because beginners are more focused on practicing technique and arm strength than tactics. But actually, you can practice technique and strength while getting used to your reflexes to direct your cock to the ideal position.

How important are these tips, yes this is very important, if you aim the cock in a position that is comfortable for the opponent, it means that the opponent will easily reply and beat you, but if the cock is directed to a position that is a little far away or a little difficult for the opponent to take it, at least several possibilities occur, the opponent can return perfectly, but this is a small chance, at least if you continue to succeed the opponent will be exhausted? There is also the possibility that your opponent will fail to return, this is clear you get points.

Consider the following picture, how the opponent in a difficult position to reach cock.

The third possibility is that the opponent returns imperfectly, for example, the ball bounces but in the middle of our field, we can immediately reply with a hard smash, or the ball bounces when the opponent tries to netting, we can immediately reply with a net kill, or the opponent falls, slips, or returns late to his ideal position so that we can easily direct the next cock to a position that makes it more difficult for the opponent to return it.

Defensive position when playing badminton

No matter how good you are, not all the time you can control the match and always be able to attack, there are times when you are forced to defend. Now the next badminton tips are how to position correctly when defending from an opponent’s attack. These badminton game tips are the same as in the first point above, which is still rarely found in the community unless those who regularly play will eventually understand too.

Now for those who don’t know, or for those who are beginners or just learning, understand very well, so that you don’t misunderstand your partner when you are in the match.

When is the time that is said to be withstanding the attack? when you or your friend toss the ball at an opponent, be it a lob or a flick. Now, what you and your friends have to do is adjust the position so that they are lined up, left and right, pay attention to the picture, Kido and Hendra are in a defensive position.

Who is on the right and who is on the left? If you were previously in the front position, then you immediately retreat which is closer, to the left of the field or the right of the field, then your friend who was previously behind will adjust after you take the position.

Remember not to be late, you have to be in the left and right position in the middle of the field before your opponent hits a cock, why is that? because the shot that will be very deadly is when the opponent smashes, but if you and your friends are ready on the left and right of the court, the smash can easily be returned.

Switch between attack and defense or vice versa

These badminton tips will complement the previous tips. As I explained above, if previously you were in an attacking position, then changed to defending, then the forwards who retreated first, then the defenders adjusted. Well, what if the opposite, after a defensive position and then want to attack again.

Look carefully at the following illustration, you are on the defensive, you are on the left and your friend on the right, then your enemy smashes at you, there are several options to return it as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, flick, drive, or netting when you want to attack your opponent, you do as much as possible to make a return netting shot, well after you do netting, you immediately go forward to cover the enemy’s reply, and your friend goes straight to the back position.

With this condition, the situation is balanced, the opponent can reply with netting too until finally one of them lobs or flicks, now if the opponent ends up lob or flick, it’s time for your friend behind to turn it off with a smash. So remember the key, whoever returns the smash with the low shot, then must step forward to take the front position and another friend who takes the back position.

Partner misunderstanding

Now, this is to strengthen the application of the tips that have been learned, to do it optimally, you and your partner must both know, what happens if you don’t understand each other’s game patterns? yes, there will be many problems, such as the racket hitting because of fighting over the cock, the edges of the racket are broken. It can also accumulate position, you go to your friend’s cock too, finally, you allow the enemy to more freely reply to your field position where no one is guarding it, either you or your friends. Blaming each other often occurs, even though the one who blames it is not necessarily doing it in the right position.

I add tips for beginners who are learning badminton, look for partners who understand and also want to tell, because usually there are partners who already know when they are playing instead of telling you, but always blaming, give it even though you may not understand what to do when playing.

Speed ​​determines the toughness of multiple games

The single play relies on stamina and footwork, but doubles play relies on speed and teamwork. In terms of teamwork I have mentioned above, now this tip is about speed, keep practicing to train your reflexes and movement speed. As long as you keep practicing, over time you will get used to moving fast without rushing and without draining a lot of energy.

Take advantage of the opponent’s weakness

Well, these badminton tips are also very important. To be able to win the match, you need to know your opponent’s strengths, find out his weaknesses. The doubles game requires two players, usually one of them is not very good, so with the opponent’s condition, you don’t have to bother aiming the cock at an empty spot or into a difficult position, just aim it at a weak opponent, it will be easier to beat. . Then, suppose your opponent

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