Top 10 Hybrid Bikes: Reliable and Flexible for the Day

By | Maret 22, 2021

Recommendations for the best and affordable hybrid bikes. A superior brand with reliable features, agile and tough, and comfortable for everyday life. Sounds strange, what is this hybrid bicycle? So, before we discuss what is a hybrid bicycle, you should know that there are many types of bikes.

Some of them you may have heard of, such as mountain bikes, racing bikes, folding bikes to bicycle motocross (BMX). Each of these bikes turns out to have different characteristics according to their functions and needs.

One that is hype is the type of hybrid bicycle, which is a combination of mountain bikes and racing. This bicycle has become an idol of many urban communities because it looks strong and fast and comfortable to use for all kinds of road conditions.

Best Hybrid Bike Brand Recommendations

Top 10 Hybrid Bikes: Reliable and Flexible for the Day

Top 10 Hybrid Bikes: Reliable and Flexible for the Day

Besides being comfortable to use, this type of bicycle can be the right choice to accompany your mobility starting from shopping, going to work, school, or just going around with friends.

Before deciding to buy a hybrid bicycle, you should first know the specifications and advantages. The following lists several recommendations for the best hybrid bikes and their product descriptions:

1. Polygon Heist X2

The Polygon Heist 2 is a tough, fast and comfortable hybrid bike. This bicycle can also be a mainstay for you for urbanites to travel or do various commuting activities in urban areas. Polygon Heist 2 uses the AXL frame material which is collaborated with the Suntour NCX trekking Fork to reduce shocks to provide comfort while driving.

Also equipped with 700c quality tires for fast acceleration and light to use.

2.Lankeleisi MX3.8

It is a high-tech electric bicycle equipped with various mainstay features such as hybrid tech, double braking system, gear speed, front lighting, lithium battery. Besides, this bicycle is made using a frame with aluminum alloy material which is sturdy, lightweight, and does not rust easily.

This bike is very suitable for mountain climbing or racing because it has strong tires and two brake discs. So it is safe to use on downhill roads.

3. Polygon Path 2

Polygon is one of the largest bicycle and accessories manufacturers in Indonesia. This is evidenced by the various hybrid bicycle products that have always been the target of people, especially urban communities.

One of them is the Polygon Path 2, this hybrid technology bike combines speed, agility, and ease of use.

A minimalist and classy look, Polygon Path 2 is perfect for you to take when you go to the office, go around the city, or exercise in the park.

4. Volare FX 3.0

One of the cheap but still capable hybrid bicycle brands is the Volare Thrill series. Tested directly by athletes, this bike is recognized for its fast, tough, strong, and comfortable performance. The use of alloy material in the bicycle frame makes it light, not easy to rust so that it is durable.

Another interesting thing, the Volare 3.0 FX comes in a variety of bright colors that are stylish and stylish, making it perfect for teenagers.

5. BTWIN Gravel Riverside 500

BTWIN is one of the leading sports bicycle products from France. This bike is not only suitable for use by men but also comfortable for women. BTWIN Gravel Riverside 500 is specially designed to be comfortable to use in urban environments with paved or paving block characteristics.

Having a beautiful and elegant design, this bicycle can help your traveling activities become faster, easier, and more comfortable.

6. Thrill Volare 1.0

If you are a beginner interested in buying a hybrid bike, then Thrill Volare 1.0 is the best. This bike is made by the Shimano manufacturer which is equipped with a hydraulic disc brake or brake specifically designed to make it easier for the user to control while riding.

Also equipped with 9 gears that can be adjusted according to different tracks or terrain. There are several beautiful color variations available, including pink, black, blue, and yellow.

7. Polygon Heist X7

Another one of the best Polygon hybrid bikes to enter the top ranks. Polygon Heist X7 city bike that is ready to accompany your daily activities. This classy bicycle is installed with the Suntour NCX air fork, thus providing a safe and comfortable suspension even on bumpy or potholed roads.

Another advantage besides its beautiful appearance, this bike has 11-speed options that you can adjust or adjust.

8. United Callister 700C

If hybrid bikes are generally used for short-range purposes, but not this one.

Comfortable to use even when driving long distances, the United Callister 700C is a modern hybrid bicycle that can make you enjoy every moment of your trip when touring together or alone.

Equipped with Shimano Tiagra 4700 technology for pleasant, stable control. This bicycle frame material can be durable because it uses materials that are durable, lightweight, and not easy to rust in any weather conditions.

9. TREK Dual Sport

The Dual Sport Bike is a versatile hybrid that is suitable for various terrains.

Having a comfortable backrest, mudguards, the headlights makes Trek Dual Sport a mainstay to accompany you on your adventure in the wild. Even though it is priced quite expensive, it is comparable to the features offered. One of them is DuoTrap S compatibility or a global positioning system (GPS) to mark destinations, making it easier to track your trip wirelessly.

For comfort, Dual Sport also adjusts the design of each specifically for men and women to increase comfort while cycling.

10. Triban 100 Road Bike

You will not think that the price is quite affordable.

Triban 100 Road Bike can provide a comfortable cycling experience with smooth handling. So it is suitable for you beginners who are trying a hybrid bicycle for the first time. Another great delight of Triban 100 provides a smooth ride when traversing city streets or country terrain. As for the appearance of the Btwin Triban 100, it looks solid and steady.

There are many models of hybrid bikes ranging from standard to sophisticated types that can even be folded so that they are easy to carry everywhere.

To get a bicycle with specifications that suit your needs, you can do independent research or you can also consult about the features and performance of the bike to the seller directly.

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