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It’s funny when it happens when you chat on YM using a cellphone with a friend. How funny is it? Usually when you chat with a cellphone, the bandwidth is very small, so often when you’re Dc it’s exactly the same as on mig33, even if you’re on mig it’s even worse. You know!
Maybe it’s because the dc is so often, my chat friend is worried (yes… You’ll get old soon…). I’m also confused, how about it cos according to him I can’t chat because I think that if I judge him he’s naughty because he’s OL tonight( qt chat at 1 am). Well, that’s it! Joko is really good… aka not connecting!
Want him to answer quickly or respond to every question or statement from him.

The point of what happened above is about judging people…
Who the hell am I to judge other people? Because good or bad other people in our eyes are not necessarily true from God’s point of view. Because it’s not certain that people who may be in our eyes are very bad, even if they can be good, but at the end of their lives, they get pleasure .

On the other hand, there are people who are in your view very extraordinary, and even to the point of admiring them, but at the end of their lives, they are still being tortured.

There are so many things that trap us because we can only see it from the corner of Dhohir’s eye. Even though it is the “heart” or “qolb” that determines how good a person is. If the Javanese say “my heart is wrapped in skin” it means that those who are concerned with the affairs and secrets of the heart are from themselves and those above.

So…Becareful b’out somethink which is not known for sure may be the main action (brskp Husnudhon).


(u/: cute fit.. :p)

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