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Tourist Attractions in Indonesia: Don’t know wis……

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, coz I’ve been pretty busy with riwa-riwi, Malang-Probolinggo then Malang-Nanjuk-Kediri and yesterday I had to take my sister to Kediri to join my cousin’s work, actually I can post Operamini on my cellphone but the typing makes me annoyed cos it’s still not working experts like my friends at mig33 (hehe….. finger gymnastics expert)
This post may be just a suggestion for friends who are FS enthusiasts cos yesterday while surfing was looking for Kaspersky’s key, when looking at one of the forums, accidentally there was an interesting topic about fs, namely breaking into private profiles and photos on fs, yups! try it, so look for the victim first ah…(that’s scary huh?, hihi), after logging in to fs then click “who saw me” um….there’s one of the fs of someone who has a private profile. Try it first ah. …, after entering the victim’s id on one of the private fs profile opening websites then click GO, jrenk!!! the private profile opens, hehe as well as the photos. and what surprised me was that he was one of my chat friends who had been chatting for a while maybe about a year and from the start he didn’t want to tell his face, maybe it’s just a factor to be careful and don’t want to show his face, are you confused? I’m sorry, it’s also not good (it’s my own fault, I have another fs, I didn’t say anything ) well, the important thing is that yesterday’s Eid I apologized, for this sin, hopefully next year there will still be age so that it can be used as one during the holidays, if you apologize now?? duh, how about it???. Cos we chat often so it’s like close friends .Repoot!

Then how do you know if he’s an old chat friend?? off the record!

How is it, Mr. FS admin, how come it can still be cracked?????
(Well……admin is also human…… come, is it God??)

The lesson is, this post can be an input for the FS admin, then the most important thing is don’t upload photos that may be private and don’t want other people to know coz it’s like the saying, the thicker the walls of the house, but the thief also gets smarter. Cos along with the development of IT, the world of cracking also develops.

Once again, what I wrote was unintentional…
and hopefully there is wisdom for all of us.

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