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Tourist Attractions in Indonesia: First Love

Her clothes are brown, wrapped in a black headscarf, carrying a baby and leading a child who is about 7 years old as well. His big son whined asking to buy fruit ice which happened to be the seller in front of me. With a smile he complied with his son’s request. Graceful..

Well yesterday when I went to the market, I really didn’t expect to meet someone “once” as a special friend.. hihi, and even then I didn’t expect it to be him. At first I saw someone who bought fruit ice in front of me, I didn’t mean to look at it because it happened that the seller was close to my parking lot. I looked at him more closely then I tried to trace my memory… I think I’ve seen these eyes before.. (swear ga GR… hehe), then I looked at him again.. and he accidentally looked at me too ..serrr my heart is beating fast.., well I can still see the shade of that face…(cieh….).I tried calling her name…but my mouth seemed to be locked.

The moment that only happened for a few seconds turned out to be able to make me fly into the past. Well… fourteen years ago… the worst times… you could say it’s embarrassing, maybe funny, desso, anyway it can make you sweat when you remember it. .. you know it’s still eempe. (The original is still the same now).

Well.. those eyes….

The eyes are still the same…(not Titi DJ’s song…)
It’s because those eyes have never fought with friends too… jiahahahaha
hmm…. his eyes are Mr. RT’s son.. kwkwkwkw

A classic question….:
“Where have I been now?”


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