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Tourist Attractions in Indonesia: Harvest

These few days when I look at my house, it feels different, coz there’s a lot of corn piled up on the terrace… hehe, this is the story of the harvest. Thank God I can make chicken feed (haha.. the original thing was to eat it myself… kwkwkwkw). So, every morning before you go to work, sometimes help mom dry -again sometimes…hehe-. Unfortunately, when I harvested on Day D, I didn’t harvest right away, coz I was being given the gift of illness. Hmmm….swear really wants to join the harvest, coz planting it is not in the fields or fields but in the forest (opening fields), so it’s a really cool place.

Especially when it’s time to eat together with the workers, wow…it’s really great!, even if it’s just a side dish of crackers, chili sauce and salted fish…then the rice is corn and rice, it’s like there’s no feeling of fullness (especially if you have squid…wow. .-cumimania! it’s okay if you can package it!!-).hehe

It’s also quite far from the house, maybe about 6-7 Km. A little story, 7 years ago the forest that was used by the community was very pathetic, bare hoe!. It is unavoidable, there must be a flood. Public awareness is low to take care of it, Perhutani also often gives advice and warnings. It’s a real dilemma, on the other hand, it is mandatory to maintain ecosystem stability, but the community’s dependence on forests is also high.

It’s very easy to just shout “green my forest!!!”, but if you look directly at the reality in the community, whose life is 100% dependent on the forest, maybe you can say something else. What is clear is real action and requires wisdom that must be needed. Because dealing with people who are indeed far from the world of education is not as easy as turning your hand (but if the people are smart, they are even older!, wuih trouble….). So, you have to be extra.

Departing from the phenomenon above, I finally tried to join NGOs. Incidentally, the NGO was having a reforestation program, a little lobbying with the NGO head and management, Alhamdulillah finally the forest close to where I live got priority. Yup! If I’m not mistaken, December 25, 2005 (very sad because it coincided with the Tsunami disaster in Aceh..), a massive reforestation could take place. 4 years have passed Alhamdulillah, the results can be seen and it is quite satisfying even though there are nosy hands. The reforestation is finished, not long ago, I pulled out of the NGO… hahaha, it’s just a good thing to take it. hihi

Back to corn. There is something extraordinary about this plant (actually many can also be found in other plants), namely the “magic” of the corn. From a seed can be hundreds of times the results. Hmmm.. if every fertilization of a living creature’s sperm cell is the same as the “magic” of the corn, what will this world be like?

* that doesn’t really relate to the title!!*

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