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Tourist Attractions in Indonesia: Love & Commitment

Yesterday while chatting with a friend, he had a question, I was asked for an answer as well as an opinion on his question. he asked this “if a girl sends an email to you saying she likes you…and you want to be serious, what do you do..? hihi…you know that girl…”.

em…confused too.. in the end I answered spontaneously.” Sorry I’m busy, so send me again next month…” Hehe actually it was just a spontaneous answer.

Actually the expression “love” is a statement that cannot be easily expressed like turning a hand. Because love must… emerges from a sincere, proportional heart and definitely needs a process, not just based on a desire to show feelings blindly “principal love!”, or “principal shoot!” especially the sporadic ones! (hehe just like the demo!).
The meaning of love is a commitment, that is, that love comes from a sense of sincerity that leads to positive implementations to maintain those feelings and take responsibility. For example, our love for Kholiq, with love for Allah and with varying degrees according to each individual will be seen in its implementation in each other’s lives by carrying out all the commands, suggestions and prohibitions of Allah sincerely. But if the feeling of love is only on the lips without being felt in the heart, I don’t know anymore….. For example, it’s easy to say “I love you, O Allah” or in other words to show love to Him. So it should be wary of because it also arises from the impulse of the devil, if the experts say they are among those who are negligent (drunk without drinking!). Because it’s easy to say the word love for Allah.
Then for Rosul as well, feelings of love for Rosul must be accompanied by a commitment to carry out all the sunnah of Sollollahu Allaihi Wassallam from the lightest ones, such as eating and drinking with the right hand, including loving friends and ahlul bait … … and also loving Prophet lovers on this earth.
(Em…..missed a bit!!)
Then what if there is an opinion that there are people who love the Prophet excessively more than the love of Allah?
In my opinion, that is a very naive opinion (sorry!), after all, we also know Allah through the Prophet!
In fact, there are some who misunderstand the same thing between 2 positions (creatures & Kholiq) because they think that equating the same things is an act of shirk in Allah.
An example is about the privileges of the prophet which is misinterpreted, because it is only measured from the point of view of basyariah (humans) so that to glorify the Prophet SAW is considered excessive and there are those who think that if you characterize his features, it means that you have uluhiyah (divine) qualities.
Very naive!, because Allah is free to give anything to what He wants, including glory, elevating his status and showing it to others, because that will not eliminate the right of rububiyah and the nature of divinity, because the divine attributes are maintained by their conformity to the position of AL-Haq namely Allah SWT.
It is in the nature that creatures are weak, helpless, have no power in their bodies to resist harm, bring benefits, reject death and have no ability to bring life and resurrection. And how many things / things are the right of Allah, but Allah bestows on the Messenger of Allah and those whom Allah wills.
When Allah bestows these things/things on the Prophet, Allah’s nature (things that are the right of Allah) does not also raise the prophet to the divine process, examples of Allah’s rights that are bestowed are al, intercession, the knowledge of the unseen, al-guidance.

Back to topic,
Whatever it is in this life, it definitely needs a process, just going out requires an approach, for example sending flowers, sms, etc. It will even give what our loved ones like. I don’t know when I meet you for the first time, I immediately fall in love….(just like the lyrics to the song…..), coz so far I haven’t experienced it. 🙂
It’s human nature to want to love and be loved (especially girls…hehe), but putting love according to its portion is the main thing. It’s really hard….
Then how can our love be filled with commitment? Study and learn!, because life must be used to learn, so let’s study together, let’s go…….? is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you