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Tourist Attractions in Indonesia: Marhaban Ya Romadlon

Marhaban Ya Romadlon
Marhaban Ya Romadlon
Marhaban Ya Romadlon
Judlana Bil Ghufron.

Thank God, Ramadan is only a few days away. really miss the atmosphere of romadlon last year, a longing that thrills the heart. The atmosphere is “cold”, calm, routine, and much more.
Remembering when I attended the dawn prayer at the Jami’ mosque in Batu city after attending i’tikaf at the Taqwa mosque, it was really cold and still clear it felt like a very beautiful spiritual experience.
What’s more, Romadlon was three years ago…..(hem….)


Can we get the grace of Allah SWT, whether we are blessed or not, mabrur or not, have an effect or not in the following months? only we ourselves do and we ourselves will know it.

Will we have a few more days to go through this year’s Ramadan fast?

What are we really going to do to improve our worship in this fasting month? Is it just doing the tarawih prayer routine at the beginning of the fasting month like in previous years and forgetting / ignoring it in the middle until the end of Ramadan?

Will we be more busy taking care of world affairs, more important taking care of this world that only lasts a moment…?

(Yes, maybe busy spending THR money, getting ready to buy tickets to go home, getting ready to buy Eid clothes, etc.). So forget about worship (which must be considered worship at this last opportunity must be done TOTALLY!!)

TOTALITY in the sense of making the most of the last opportunity (only Allah SWT KNOWs!), not only getting as much reward as possible, performing obligatory and sunnah prayers, but more than that.

EFFECT after this fasting month has passed….

And just go to sahur and break the fast on time. Have you never known the true meaning of fasting?

Pray 5 times, yes, only pray, but do not understand the meaning and do not want to understand the meaning and essence of prayer itself (only abort the obligation)

There are so many Muslims who understand that fasting and other obligatory acts of worship are just “just being present”, the important thing is that it is done physically but doesn’t change anything spiritually.

Or (the worst thing is….) fasting is only at the beginning and the end?????,(with the important reason being fasting and being able to participate in Eid—-I’m tired!!!)

Fasting passes, many of our behavior does not change for the better (simple examples, usury goes on, backbiting goes on, roaming eyes see what is not right, unnecessarily eavesdropping, rebuking the poor, harassing the poor, arrogant, riya, lying, small to large corruption, bribery, eating illegal money, gambling / lottery etc…

Can this year’s Romadlon be better than last year’s????……must donk!!!. (Because only Allah SWT is ALMIGHTY, will this be our last fast?)

Fasting in Ramadan is indeed the hardest obligatory worship to do. to the extent that sleeping is already included in worship (meaning instead of JJS and then adding benefits) it’s better to sleep, because of that weight, Allah gives advantages or “bonuses” in this month such as; Grace, maghfiroh and forgiveness. This means that Allah knows for sure that humans are weak in nature, so by being lured by these various “bonuses” so that they can be enthusiastic, especially when there is a night of a thousand months.

Let’s use it immediately!!!
Fasting is not just holding back hunger… (how many people hold back hunger everyday outside of the fasting month, that’s easy…)
Chaiyo! Cheer up… Like Kanjeng Nabi, when Ramadan tightens his belt, it means that during the month of Ramadan, the sunnah worship must be added!, there is no time to be lazy. And hopefully we can imitate him. Amen

Ya Allah… I thank you pitulung……., Your mercy which I always crave for provision in Your month!
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