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Tourist Attractions in Indonesia: Minus 7 !!!

God willing, there are only 7 days left to carry out fasting and all the complementary ubo rampen rituals to get the best possible results in this bonus month.

I don’t know, there seems to be something different in this fast. There’s something lacking in me that should be getting more and more enthusiastic every day, well what’s left is only regret.

By being so arrogant before entering Ramadan, formulating a schedule (target, having to do this and that which must be done in Ramadan, eh….everything is mbelgedes…njjebleh ora ono jluntrungane. just a theory! the evidence is zero!.

The most important target this month is to be able to pray congregational prayers 5 times, that’s ok, the others are just additions, beuh… a total loss!

Then the target must be to complete the Qur’an but it has arrived today, never mind reading, never touching… ohh…

This month must always be able to qiamullail, multiply night worship. When people are busy praying and making love with Maha gusti..wew….my right hand is no longer holding the prayer beads but holding the mouse and having fun glaring at the fb game. The extraordinary progress of this self, year by year does not make me smarter. But the more stupid and the more defeated..

Every day also targets prayer beads, in fact exalting before praying is rare… oh well..

huwaa….how unfortunate i am..

My best friend said “pancalen ndase!! kanggo wong super stupid bin kueplek iki!!”

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