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Tourist Attractions in Indonesia: Prophet Muhammad’s Comic!

Have you seen the news of Kanjeng Nabi’s comic? It’s really sad..!, just a few months ago Kanjeng Rosul was harassed by foreign people, now he’s being harassed again, especially since the comic maker Kanjeng Rosul is a child of his own country, which incidentally has the largest Muslim population in the world.

Huh… Angry, angry, sad, confused all mixed into one!

This afternoon, I also had a chance to migrate (MIG33) to the Islamic and Islamic love rum, the issue is that the comic maker is a collection of atheists from faithfreedom. Because faith freedom people often promote their site in Islamic rooms while ridiculing Islamic teachings, a few months ago they opened their site, the content is clearly visible about their hatred for what is called religion, especially Islam.

I don’t know whether the issue is true or not. It’s clear that faith freedom is a collection of atheists (not justifying…), cos the forum is very clear! (If you’re curious, you can google it, sorry I forgot the site)

Why can this happen?, is it because of the influence of the democratic freedom of this country?, so that freedom of expression becomes unlimited? (Those who can answer please answer y..)

Hopefully the test for these persistent Muslims will give you a lot of wisdom.

Let’s defend Rosul, shall we? According to our abilities, there is no need to use extreme methods, because it will insult Kanjeng Nabi himself.

Last, I pray that those who make comics get guidance quickly or get reinforcements quickly!

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