UPPU CHEPA – salted Dry Fish – Recipes

By | September 23, 2022

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Cleaned and ready to cook uppu chepa

Uppu chepa is a salted dry fish which is consumed in coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh in different forms.
Uppu chepa has a very distinct and strong odor that many people may turn away without tasting it.But once you eat it after preparation, you will be ready to bear anything for it.

Uppu Chepa is available as a whole salted dry fish with or without heads and gills.once you purchase it from market you have to clean it if it has heads , gills and tails.Cut it in to small pieces and sun dry it again if possible or required.Then store it in an air tight container.

I wish to include my earliest memories of Uppu Chepa in this post.My Grand Father’s favorite dish was uppu chepa and pappu charu ( lentil soup). Uppu chepa was prepared in a way …may be difficult to follow that preparation now a days. some pieces of uppu chepa were soaked for few minutes( may be to get rid of dirt and extra salt ) and then washed. Then every piece was wrapped in small cotton cloth and then was put inside of a traditional wood burning stove which had no fire but heat( This remits a strong smell that spreads to half of the village if it is small.). Once all the cotton cloth becomes dark then it was taken out and cleaned and only the flesh which remains in a healthy color is consumed. Now I feel that it was their way of barbecuing.

In addition to the above method,Uppu chepa is prepared in many different ways.

Uppu Chepa cleaning to make curry or fry

Uppu Chepa Tomato

Uppu Chepa Chintha Chiguru

Uppu Chepa Dosakaya