Used Car Review – Peugeot 3008 (2013-2017)

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Explore this French crossover once more.

2013-2017 Peugeot 3008


The Peugeot brand used to have its time a decade ago or so, especially with the Lee family (Nissan-UMC, Hyundai fame) bringing these stylish hatchbacks to the Philippine market. While unique to the buyers palette, their prices aren’t friendly plus given the fact Europeans may mean a luxury car from Germany or UK for something whose size is similar to a Honda Jazz made them a huge failure from day one. Adding MPVs and vans that were priced more didn’t help either, plus given the fact the economy isn’t that vibrant at the time of arrival, they had no choice but to pull out with upbeat sales later on for the industry as a whole.

First introduced to the European market in 2008, the 3008 (do not be confused, my friend) got nothing but praises from various automotive publications and award giving bodies despite the fact its exterior design was criticized. Although the 4007 was the first SUV from the French brand, this one was the first SUV to be developed from the ground up with the former being a rebadged Mitsubishi Outlander. So successful, this vehicle continued to be sold for eight years straight in multiple markets around the world.

Under the helm of Columbian Autocar Corporation (Kia, BMW, Mahindra), the Peugeot brand had a comeback with the 3008 being the first four models to be brought in. Three models were available  paired to two engines were first made available from November 2012 until an update three years later reduced to one model – the expensive top of the line. The Active model is the base while the Allure has more fancy features added.

Value and Costs
For the price of a brand new Mirage G4 or a second hand PPV (think Montero Sport or Fortuner), you can have a pre-loved 3008 crossover for as low as P700,000 with late releases going for P1,000,000 having the remainder of the warranty. Not much changes occurred during its run, which is a good thing, so focus on the condition more than the year model.

European brands would usually have maintenance costs that are higher than the Japanese so if you are the kuripot type, this is not the car for you. There are available specialist parts for French cars and fuel consumption is good, since this vehicle is a diesel powered one. Problem points for this vehicle mostly involve the electrical components but there are some transmission and aircon niggles. But if there is one thing to be careful of, it is the diesel injectors given the fact the engine is of advanced state.

Exterior and Interior
As mentioned earlier, the exterior design is a center of criticism especially that the grille is huge than its original size and you may mistaken this one for an oversized hatchback with body cladding, this is tuned for city driving than taking this off-road. All models come with a panoramic sun roof and daytime running lights as standard equipment. For hauling stuff at the back, the split gate can fold down for help.

Inside, the interior is flexible enough which shames several competitors and it folds flat, a feat. Going to persons, it can fit five persons in comfort and stylish manner while the driver gets a commanding view of the road thanks to an excellent outward visibility. Control layout is a mixed bag, some are good while some are not and the bonus heads-up display is a help. Cubbyholes and storage boxes of various sizes come standard.

With the local Peugeot distributor pushing with diesels, the 3008 has two oil burners throughout selling life. Lower models sold from 2013 to 2015 have a 1.6 diesel which gets 112hp at 3,600rpm and 285Nm at 1,700rpm paired to a semi-automatic transmission. Higher end models gain a 2.0 diesel utilizing 163hp at 3,750rpm and 340Nm at 2,000rpm that is matched to a conventional automatic. The semi-automatics could be a complicated combo but you would get used to it later on when you get the hang of it while the automatics are a fine partner. Both engines are fine but we suggest to get the lesser one since it will give you a slight advantage on fuel consumption. Another great feature is this model gets a unique diesel particulate filter which removes harmful particles for zero emissions and a start-stop system.

Driving Impressions
Riding on a platform which is also shared with PSA Group passenger cars, expect car-like handling which performs with grace even on curved roads. Comfort-wise, you wouldn’t go wrong with this vehicle.

It seemed the current Peugeot distributor got the right product when it was first made available and priced accordingly. Later models were messed up since the top end is retained with a jacked up price, but at second hand prices this is a steal already.

The Good:

  • Stylish
  • Lots of space
  • Comfortable to ride in

The Bad:

  • Not that engaging to drive
  • Somewhat expensive to maintain
  • Some models are basic for the brand new price

The Pick: 1.6 Allure

Engine: 1,560cc DV6ATED4 and 1,997cc DW10C I4 diesel
Power: 112hp @ 3,600rpm (1.6), 163hp @ 3,750rpm (2.0)
Torque: 285Nm @ 1,700rpm (1.6), 340Nm @ 2,000rpm (2.0)
Fuel Consumption: 8-10km/L (city), 11-13km/L (highway) (*estimated and varies)
Transmission: 6-speed semi-automatic (1.6), 6-speed automatic (2.0)
Suspension: Front McPherson strut, rear multi link

Price (New): P1,600,000-P2,400,000
Price (Now): P700,000-P1,000,000
On Sale: 2013-2017
Rivals: Volkswagen Tiguan

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