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Various Tourist Destinations in West Nias YANTO HALAWA Surf lovers always visit Asu Island, one of the islands located in West Nias Regency besides Lagundri-Sorake Beach, South Nias Regency.

BARAT NIAS, – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is trying to find a solution so that tourism in the Nias Islands is promoted from a strategic tourism area to become a major national tourist destination in the western region of Indonesia. This was conveyed by the Head of the Department of Tourism, Youth and Sports of West Nias Regency, North Sumatra, Yamonaha Waruwu, to, Wednesday (08/09/2014).

Waruwu invites local and foreign communities to invest in West Nias. The consideration is simple, West Nias is rich in potential that ensures the growth of strategic industries in the world of tourism. He stated that the economic growth of West Nias tourism is slowly starting to rise, a number of tourism areas have begun to be visited in West Nias Regency.

“Currently, there are 10 tourism destinations that we have just reorganized and made into tourist destinations and from the 10 areas they support each other which will have a tremendous impact on boosting the economic growth of West Nias in the future,” said Waruwu.

According to Waruwu, the 10 tourist destinations include the traditional house of West Nias in Sitolubanua Village, surfing on Asu Island, panoramic views of Sirombu Beach, stacked stones on Falaete Beach, the uniqueness of Fari’i Beach, exotic Lake Bawa Island, megalithic sites in Lahomi, Lolozirugi Village and Sisarahili Village. He said all of these offer tremendous potential for investors, both domestic investors and international investors from a number of countries.

“Investors are welcome to conduct research and observations in West Nias. From the results of the research later, I am sure that there will be potential for cooperation in the tourism economy that is mutually beneficial,” he said.

“And the produce from the community will be easily transported by sea through the Sirombu Port. That’s why the tourism economy in West Nias has become a mutually supportive area,” Waruwu explained.

In more detail, Waruwu stated that his interest in developing the tourism economy was for investors to be realized in the near future. “West Nias needs acceleration in development. Not only that, we will continue to provide great opportunities for investors to be able to do in the development of tourist destinations, we will help, make everything easier for investors, and also a number of other potentials are expected to continue to move forward, including other strategic fields such as agriculture, education, trade, ” added Waruwu.

Specifically for cooperation in the tourism sector, his party will greatly help investors to be more comfortable working in West Nias. “We don’t need to go any further, in West Nias we already have everything. Such as the potential for natural beauty and water sports as well as ancient relics including megalithic sites,” he added.

Author: Nias Contributor, Hendrik Yanto Halawa
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