Video of Bangus (Milkfish) Feeding in a Grow-Out Pond

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Video of Bangus (Milkfish) Feeding in a Grow-Out Pond

During the last 6 days (Monday to Saturday), I was on a visit to my bangus farm in Binmaley, Pangasinan. I was about to harvest the bangus in my grow-out ponds. They were about 13 weeks old and already grew up to marketable size.

We stocked them at the ponds last June 10, 2017 (size 17, 14, and some larger size 12). At that time, most of the fingerlings were sized #14 (width of a small finger). This is the first time I was able to grow them to marketable weight and size in so short a time! I knew, because we took out sample pieces and weighed them.

What happened! Well, it was most likely the new feeder devices that we recently installed for our grow-out ponds. Because of the feeders, the bangus gained body weight faster, and the competitor tilapias were sidelined during feeding time.

Bangus feeder device and bridge; another one farther down near the farm hut

But we had to postpone the harvest.

We learned that prices for bangus that
week were depressed. Lots of bangus were out in the market. Mostly
coming from the illegal fish pens in Dagupan which were being demolished by the city

We knew it will take a number of days (or perhaps weeks) before the supply situation settles down and prices go back to normal levels.

We’ll continue to feed our bangus. But next week, hopefully, we can harvest.

while I was checking out our bangus, I had my mobile phone with me and
decided to do a quick video, before I lose the chance to shoot them altogether.

You have to excuse the quality. This was my first video clip. No apps, no
editing, no tripod, no external mic – just the mobile phone with the
built in camera. Please excuse the wrong orientation (should have used landscape!). The
audio track was done in a hurry, based on the
content of a previous blog on this subject.

good there was no ambient noise while I was shooting. Just the swirling sound of the bangus enjoying their lunch at the feeding area.

I promise to do a better one next time. So here we go.  

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