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What Is Vacation Planning Like in the Digital Age?

KOMPAS/YUNIADHI AGUNG Fast boats depart for Sanur, Bali.

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Vacation planning is not only done so that vacation travel time is structured and mature but also useful for getting many benefits. For example, cheap airline tickets and lodging. In the “Smart Travel Planning” discussion organized by Skyscanner in collaboration with Tiket.com, Garuda Indonesia and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) discussed the behavior of tourists when planning their vacations who are starting to look at digital applications as their vacation planning.

“People today are actually smart in planning vacations, digital trends have changed the way tourists plan their vacations. They rely on searching directly on lineto plan a vacation. In our data, there are two million Indonesians who search for travel on Google every day and search for flights and hotels. In fact, the impact is an increase in the Skyscanner mobile application downloaded in Indonesia by more than 100 percent every year,” said Marketing Manager of Skyscanner Indonesia, Tika Larasati, in Jakarta, Saturday (6/9/2014).

The tendency is that people want to compare prices more, while the most effective way is to monitor price movements on websites on line. For this reason, they usually compare it with travel metasearch sites such as Skyscanner, which already includes information on airline tickets, travel time to lodging.

KOMPAS.com/SRI NOVIYANTI Smart Travel Planning became an interesting and fun discussion which was held in Jakarta, Saturday (6/9/2014). This event was held by Skyscanner in collaboration with Tiket.com and Garuda Indonesia and supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

While popular tourist destinations are visiting areas that have not been visited by many general tourists, so they have the opportunity to inspire others by sharing on social media.

Unfortunately, sometimes vacation planning is hampered by purchases on the site on line which requires the user to have a credit card for transactions.

“Credit card penetration in Indonesia is still relatively small, at 5 percent, but there is still a solution for vacation planning by using a local Tiket.com partner that gives Skyscanner users the possibility to make transactions on line using methods other than credit cards such as Klik BCA, ATM transfers or e-banking which are more popular among Indonesians,” said Tiket.com Cofounder & Commercial Director, Dimas Surya Yaputra, providing a solution.

: Travel Contributor, Sri Noviyanti

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