Which Size Should The Plasma Cutting Machine Compressor?

By | Maret 22, 2021
Which Size Should The Plasma Cutting Machine Compressor

What Size Should the Compressor of Plasma Cutting Machine be ?. Currently, metal cutting technology is increasingly diverse and there are many choices. One of them is a plasma cutting machine that does not use gas but uses compressed air generated from the compressor.

But often, as lay users, they are still confused about choosing the right specifications and size of the compressor for the use of a plasma cutting machine.

The use of compressors for plasma cutting machines is flexible. if you want to work with a large cutting area and for a long time, of course, you have to use a large compressor. Before determining the size of the Compressor for the Plasma Cutting Machine, we must pay attention to this:

  1. Width and area of ​​the plane that we often cut.
  2. Plate thickness to be cut.

Of course, we don’t want the work to stop because we run out of wind. Some manufacturers recommend using a compressor with a minimum power of 2PK. This is to maintain the stability of the wind produced and also the wind duration.

How the Plasma Cutting Machine Works

Plasma cutting is a machine used to cut various types of metal or plate or other materials with a good degree of accuracy. Cutting the plate with a plasma cutter results in a much smoother cut.

In the process of using a plasma cutting machine, there are also advantages, including a fast cutting speed, which of course affects the accuracy in cutting when compared to other cutting methods. Then another advantage is that it does not require a mold, does not make contact between the workpiece and the machine, and can cut plates up to a thickness of 10mm or certain based on machine specifications.

The use of plasma cutting machines also makes production costs more efficient and effective. In molding, for example, the use of plate sheets will be more effective, because they are neatly cut and the size is accurate.

In the plasma cutting process, an inert gas is blown at high speed from the nozzle, and at the same time an electric arc is formed through the gas from the nozzle to the surface to be cut, then some of the gas turns into the hot plasma to melt the metal and move so that the metal is cut. . The nozzle is a part of the plasma torch that has a function to trigger an electric current and give off-gas.

This plasma nozzle is located at the very end of the plasma torch. If the frequency of use is high, the nozzle must be replaced more frequently. If the nozzle is supposed to be replaced but is not replaced and is forced into use, then the cutting result will not be perfect (the level of accuracy is reduced). Plasma cutting differs from tungsten welding in that an arc of electric flame appears between the tip of the electrode and the core gas flowing around it.