Which Unlimited Hotspot and Unlimited Wifi packages are the most worthwhile?

By | October 21, 2022

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Greetings guys.

Before this, I used umobile U28 which has 3GB internet quota. When I started blogging, I used it. So it’s gone in no time if you do internet sharing. It’s hard to update the blog haha… Now even umobile has started making unlimited internet packages. But internet sharing has to be charged according to the quota. This is all because webe first started internet sharing, there is a quota. It’s all followed…

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But if you’re the type who doesn’t use hotspots much, then it’s worth using umobile gx30 or gx50 unlimited internet..

It’s cheap, but the coverage depends on where you live.. If you want to know where there is coverage, before trying a package, first download the OpenSignal application.

Use this app to know which telco has a line in your area. So you can choose which telco suits you best.

Alright… so now I want to tell you about the internet plans available in Malaysia. Maybe you already know… But I don’t want to quote it. Haha…
Before this I was looking for the best internet plan that was suitable for me. It’s hard to choose… at that time unifi is in the middle of full port in my home area… it’s true that I researched the internet for a long time… So if I have collected all the unlimited internet plans on this blog, I hope it will be easier Readers who read my blog want to make the best internet choice for you later….


Usually this unlimited internet plan will use cable fiber such as Unifi, Maxis and TIME. But if your unifi place doesn’t come in anymore, don’t worry. Still there are other unlimited internet that can be used. I understand that some people using streamyx still can’t upgrade to unifi. Streamyx is more expensive than unifi, it’s sad… OK.. I’ll tell you what other alternatives are.

Below is between Unlimited Internet Sharing/Hotspot and Unlimited Wifi available in Malaysia:

Unifi is really popular with unlimited internet. I have also used the RM 129 unifi before. It used to be 30 mbps, now it’s 100 mbps unlimited quota. It’s worth using because you get Unifi TV once. The speed is also good when using this fiber internet. With unifi, I don’t want to subscribe to astro anymore.

If I want to watch TV, I only watch Unifi TV, if I want to watch movies, I watch YouTube and Netflix.., and if I want to watch football, I usually go to the ronaldo7.net website. There are many links to watch football that you can choose from. So astro is not very relevant for me.

Package information date updated: January 2019

If you want to compare TIME vs Unifi. Indeed TIME is much cheaper. But TIME is racist hahah.. He only chooses high-end areas and high-rise areas like condos or apartments. If he is in a landed house, he rarely enters.

But the TIME package is really cheap and worth it. For unlimited 100mbps new RM99 per month. If 500mbps is only RM 139 per month, and if you really want to watch 4k movies, people are ready to have another 1gb speed. That’s only RM199 a month. But if the speed reaches 1gb, what do you really want to do? haha.. For normal usage, a stable speed of 30 mbps is enough for most people. If you have 1gb speed, you can download the movie in two seconds and it’s ready. But the pocket is barai because it’s quite high monthly…

So if there is sustenance where you have TIME, it’s better to choose TIME because in my opinion it is the most worthwhile with the speed offered.

Package information date updated: January 2019

Maxis Fiber is the cheapest for me so far. Unlimited quota at a speed of 30 mbps can be obtained for only RM89 per month. His speed is also stable. Because I am now using Maxis Fiber. If you do a speed test, you can see that the speed goes up to 100 mbps, then it will be capped to 30 mbps because my package is only 30 mbps. So in terms of speed, don’t worry, it won’t be less than 30 mbps.

If you feel that 30 mbps speed is not enough, then Maxis also offers a package of RM 129 per month for 100 mbps speed just like unifi. If it’s for the 100mbps package, it’s better to take the package from unifi because you will get the unifi TV package once. After all, if you take it directly to TM Unifi, their customer service is more reliable. Why do I say more reliable? Because Maxis fiber is also dependent on TM. If your place doesn’t have Unifi, then there won’t be Maxis fiber there. If your place has full unifi ports, then Maxis fiber will also have full ports.

So Maxis is worth taking the RM89 per month package. Otherwise, it’s not worth it to me.

Package information date updated: January 2019

Ok for Digi this is a savior for Streamyx users. Because Digi is not a fiber internet package, but a postpaid unlimited internet package. The Digi Infinite 150 package is one of the unlimited postpaid packages available in Malaysia right now. How about the speed? Speed ​​will depend on the type of modem you use.

Some can reach speeds of 200mbps

Some can reach speeds of 100mbps

Some get 30 mbps only

Some can get below 10 mbps.

It all depends on what Modem you use and where you sit. It’s easy to use Digi. First, you have to buy a modem that can support a sim card first. There are many at shopee. Among the worthwhile and cheap ones, I use a Tenda modem that can insert a sim card.

Just put in the Digi sim card, open your modem’s plug switch. Tadaa.. you can use wifi internet at your house. If you’re still using streamyx, I think it’s better to use Digi Infinite 150. His price is RM150 per month. My experience using the best speed I ever got was only 18mbps. Maybe my modem is not a noble modem. If you use a noble modem/router like this Huawei B618, I see that there are users who can get up to 100mbps. I’m really satisfied with that speed baby…

But because I’m using a Tenda 4G680 modem/router, I bought it at shopee.. so I can’t really expect the maximum speed.. But even 18mb is ok, I can just stream live football. So there is no problem. If you use Digi Infinite, you have to join the Facebook group Digi Postpaid Infinite Community. The group is very active and everyone is very helpful.

5) Celcom Home Fibre

If you live in Sabah, there is another internet addition from Celcom Home Fiber. The price is only RM80 per month at the time I write this. Speed ​​can also withstand 40mbps. But only for Sabahans. I’m not even sure why he only offered Sabah.

Package information date updated: January 2019

If you still don’t want to commit to postpaid or home fiber, there is another prepaid package but it can be unlimited hotspot quota from unifi mobile. How to become an unlimited hotspot? You just subscribe, he has a weekly package of RM20 for unlimited data. So if you subscribe for a month straight, about RM20 x 4 weeks. So the monthly amount you have to pay is RM 80 per month for unlimited data.

But is it worth it? In my opinion, after using this unifi mobile, the speed is not fast. The fastest I can make a hotspot is only 3 mbps maximum. That is already included in the modem. If you use the phone hotspot, it’s really slow.. This package is more on flexibility..

Package information date updated: January 2019

7. Astro Broadband Bundle

Haaa… even astro now offers fiber internet. For this astro, he bundled the Astro channel package together with fiber internet from TIME and also from Maxis Fibre. The package price for 30mbps speed is RM89 per month, while the price for 100mbps speed is RM129 per month.
But if you subscribe with this astro… for the channel package there is an additional price to be added. For example, RM89 per month for fiber internet + RM39.95 for astro family pack. So the total is RM 128.95…

Package information date updated: January 2019




Right now TNB is doing testing for TNB’s internet infrastructure in Jasin, Melaka. So Jasin now has more unlimited internet or fiber internet packages. Most telcos have joined to use TNB’s infrastructure for the packages offered at Jasin. Isn’t it a shock, there are already many cheap ones… There are even ones you’ve never heard of…

So here are the packages available at Jasin, Melaka:

1) City Broadband

This City Broadband package is very cheap… At the price of RM 79 a month, you can get unlimited internet with a speed of 50mbps. It’s really worth it to me with his price and speed. Fortunately, these people from Malacca…

Package information date updated: January 2019

2) Celcom Home Fibre

Celcom home fiber which was previously only available in Sabah is now available in Jasin Melaka. So people from Sabah and Melaka can try the internet from Celcom. Now the price is cheap I think. RM80 per month unlimited. It is true that internet packages in Malaysia are now competitive.

Package information date updated: January 2019

3. Digi Home Fibre

Fuhh… Digi also joined the unlimited fiber internet package offer at Jasin. First time I heard that Digi offers home fiber. In other places, everyone is still using Digi postpaid Infinite 150. In Melaka, I don’t have to worry about the speed not being stable. When there is fiber internet, the speed is usually stable. It’s not true that only Malacca people can get this. Huaarhh.. haha..

Digi Home Fiber is offered at a price of RM95 per month with a speed of 50 mbps. Not bad.. Faster than the Maxis Home fiber I’m using now.

Package information date updated: January 2019

4. Astro Broadband Bundle

As for Jasin, his Astro Broadband bundle is a little cheaper. Family pack + Internet speed 50mbps new RM 99 per month. I think it’s worth it to me. Now that he has stable internet, he can now watch astro channels. It doesn’t matter if you repeat it haha… The other one for Jasin is his internet package under City Broadband. As for the astro website as far as I am writing this…. there is no offer yet for any participation for this package. Maybe it’s because it’s only for Jasin residents, so no offers are made through the website.

Package information date updated: January 2019


Fuhh, aren’t there many unlimited internet packages in Malaysia, right? I deliberately did not include streamyx because I think that streamyx is very outdated. Haha… Because I’m not sitting at Jasin Melaka, for now the most worthwhile package for me and the most people can use is Maxis Home Fibre.

Because the package is cheap at RM89 per month… The speed is ok as far as I use it.. I want to watch netflix. The modem that Maxis provides is also ok. My rental house has two floors up to the top floor and can get wifi. Compared to the modem from unifi before, the apartment house I rented was only one level… sitting in the room, I couldn’t get wifi.

That’s ok, I think there is unlimited internet in Malaysia…

So you guys, do you agree with me that Maxis is the most powerful and worth it? If you don’t agree, what is the most worthwhile internet that you have used so far? Share a little…

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