White Chocolate and Rose Truffles (with a surprise inside)

By | September 23, 2022

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Last year for Valentine’s Day I posted a three course meal; Beetroot and Goat’s Cheese Risotto, Boeuf Bourguignon and Dark Chocolate Tart. They were great together for a lovely meal in but this year I wanted to make something a little romantic and very indulgent. I know Valentine’s recipes will be two a penny at the moment but my truffles are a bit different. Not least because they’re not heart shaped and look rather plain and innocent. Until you bite into one that is.

What is that in the middle of the truffle I hear you ask? Well, as love is in the air, it’s a small pink nod to St. Valentine in the form of a pomegranate seed. A nice bit of fresh texture in an otherwise melty, mellow mouthful. It takes barely any effort to put the pomegranate seed inside each one and makes such a difference to the end flavour and texture it is definitely worth it.

You will need (for around 25 truffles):
300g white chocolate
150ml double cream
25g butter
Splash rose extract (preferably not rose water)
1 pomegranate
100g white chocolate – for dipping

Start by chopping the 300g of chocolate into small chunks. Heat the double cream and butter together until hot but not boiling. Pour this over the chocolate and mix well until the chocolate has melted and it’s all nicely combined. Add a drop of rose extract, mix well and then try it to see how floral it tastes. If you’re a bit overenthusiastic with your dripping technique the end result might taste reminiscent of soap. Not really what you’re going for.

When you’re happy with your bouquet level spread this mixture onto a lined baking tray and leave to set in the fridge. When the mixture has set spoon a little bit into your hands and roll into a ball. Remove some of the seeds from the pomegranate and insert one into each truffle. It’s incredibly easy and satisfying. When all the truffles have been rolled and stuffed put them back onto the lined tray and into the fridge for about half an hour.
Melt the 100g of white chocolate in a bowl over some simmering water, being careful that the bowl and water do not touch. Remove from the heat when melted and drop each truffle into the chocolate one at a time, moving them around with a spoon so they get nicely coated, and then put them onto a freshly lined tray and back in the fridge until set.

A lovely thing to make and an even nicer gift to receive. A little deceptive in their appearance and aroma they make a great surprise. The outside white chocolate masks the smell of the rose and there’s no clue that there’s a gem waiting inside. It’s a lovely feeling to sink your teeth into thin, crisp chocolate and through soft, silky truffle. Then, when you burst the pomegranate seed the juice flows out giving you a burst of flavour. I won’t lie to you, I made about 30 and only gave away 10 to some lucky family members. I would recommend making one batch for you and one batch for the lucky recipient.