Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

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There are many new features that you can experience when using Windows 10. Both in terms of appearance, additional functions and performance. One of the interesting things in Windows 10 is about the button keyboard shortcuts which will make it easier and faster to access or select certain programs. Here are some keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 that will really help you when doing activities with Windows 10.

record game on windows 10
Record GAME

Windows : Open Windows 10 Start
Windows + A : Open Action Center
Windows + C : Open Cortana in listening mode
Windows + E : Opens File Explorer
Windows + I : Go to Settings/ Settings
Windows + K : Open Device
Windows + L : Lock Windows
Windows + P : Open Display Settings
Windows + S : Open finder (Cortana in search mode)
Windows + U: Open Ease Access Center
Windows + Tab : Open Task in Thumbnail
Windows + Spacebar : Switch input language and keyboard layout
Windows + Comma Sign: Makes all windows transparent for viewing the desktop.
Windows + D: Minimize all open windows to access the desktop. Repeat pressing Windows key+D to return all minimized windows.
Windows + Home: Minimize all open windows except the currently active window
Windows + T: Move through the icons on the Taskbar that will show thumbnail previews
Windows + 0 to 9: Open the application that is placed in the numbered location on the Taskbar. Press the number “0” to open the taskbar application located in position 10. Press the number “1” to open the taskbar application in position 1, and so on.
Windows + PritScreen: To take screenshots. Difference between Windows+PrintScreen by simply pressing the button Screenshott (Without pressing Windows) is if pressing Windows+PrintScreen the Screenshot will be copied automatically to the system clipboard, and the image file will save to the screenshots folder in your local Pictures folder. It’s different if you just press the PrintScreen button it will only save the screenshot for a while (must be pasted to another device before it can be seen/saved).
Windows + Plus Sign or Minus Sign : Zoom in/out windows 10 display using Magnifier.
Windows + X: opens the Quick Link menu (commonly known as the Power User menu).

That’s some Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts which you can use to make your job easier. Here are some additional shortcuts that you can try on applications and features in Windows 10.

1. SNAP VIEW Keyboard Keyboard Shortcuts

snapview windows 10
Snap View

Snap view has been around for a few years. However, for Windows 10, there is a feature enhancement in snap view that you can try. You can snap views of up to 4 apps and share them as you wish. To use this feature you can use the keyboard shortcut as follows.

Windows + Right arrow : Snap the active window to the right side of the screen.
Windows + Left arrow: Snap the active window to the left side of the screen.
Windows + Right + Down arrow: Snap the active window to the lower right corner of the screen.
Windows + Left + Down arrow: Snap the active window to the lower left corner of the screen.
Windows + Right + Up arrow: Snap the active window to the bottom corner to the top of the screen.
Windows + Left + Up arrow: Snap the active window to the bottom corner to the top of the screen.

2. VIRTUAL DESKTOPS Keyboard Shortcuts

virtual desktop
Virtual Desktop

Virtual desktops are useful for those of you who want to have several virtual desktops to make it easier for you to create certain groups as you wish. With this feature you will also be more focused on your work.
For example : Desktop 1 for opening work applications (Ms.Word, Excel) – Desktop 2 for browsing (Chrome, IE, Firefox) – Desktop 3 for watching movies, multimedia (Corel, Ai, Photoshop) . And so on according to your needs.

To access and manage Virtual Desktop faster, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts.

Windows + Ctrl + D : Create a new virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + Left arrow or Right arrow : Switch between virtual desktops.
Windows + Tab: Enter and exit Task View, and also works to access the current virtual desktop.
Windows Key + Ctrl + F4: Closes the virtual desktop. When the virtual desktop is closed, the applications that are currently open will join the main desktop / appear on the main desktop.

3. GAME DVR Keyboard Shortcuts

how to record games and windows 10 desktop
Game DVR

Game DVR is an application that is used to record the Windows 10 desktop as well as for the game being played. So now it will be easier to be able to record your computer desktop quickly. Here are some shortcuts to open, start recording, stop recording, take screenshots and to display Game DVR.

Windows Key + G: Open Game DVR, click the red button to start recording the active application.
Windows Key + Alt + R: Starts recording Start / Stop.
Windows Key + Alt + M: On/Off microphone during recording.
Windows Key + Alt + T: Show / Hide recording time.

Hopefully writing about Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts This can make your work easier while speeding up your activities to be more efficient. If you know some other keyboard shortcuts, you can share them by writing them in the comments below this post. May be useful. Congratulations on your work, hopefully it will be easier with these shortcuts. GREETINGS WINDOTEN!!