Wiring diagram of electrical distribution box

By | September 26, 2022

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You can see the wiring diagram of single phase distribution box from main meter to DB and other sub-circuit in the below figure. You have to connect MCB, RCD, and SP or DP as per your requirements for protection purpose.

The main three things in a distribution box is circuit breaker, SP or DP switches and RCD. Now lets take a brief introduction function of each.

1) DP – Double Pole MCB

DP allows to control the electric supply of your home. By using DP you can turn ON or OFF the main supply. This is very useful in case of emergency  you want to disconnect the main power supply. You can use multiple DP if you wants. Click Here to read more about double poleMCB.

2)  RCD – Residual Current Devices
Residual-current device(RCD) or Residual current circuit breaker(RCCB) is used to dis-connect the circuit when the electrical current in not balanced between the return neutral conductor and energized conductor. Learn more how RCD works here.
Circuit breaker is a switching device that can operated automatically as well as manually for the protection and controlling. In case of fault or abnormal condition circuit breaker can be use for very fast protection. Read more about circuit breaker here.